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Remix<->Remake<->Cover borders..

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Hey.. I`m new to this forum, but have been lurking around a lot… (ì`ll go to the introduction thread and make a proper introduction there…)

I`ve been listening to remixes here for some time, and there are some really great moments here, both in ideas and performance.

But I`ve been wondering…

..what are the differences between cover/remake and remixes? Where is the borderline?…. I think there are grey areas, and matter of opinion, so what are your thoughts?

I remember in music school, when we had assignments to record famous songs, our teachers always encouraged us to think new and do completely new ideas on the songs. And found it almost impossible when it came to my favorite artists…. I knew every beat, note and all details, and felt nothing could be left out… I ended up trying to copy the original productions. I learned a lot from that also of course ;)

Same challenge here if I was remixing my favorite VG soundtracks I guess…

I haven`t remixed/made/covered any VG tracks (yet), but would you consider these tracks (my 80 cartoon covers) cover/remake or remix?

Hope to get to know people around her… seems like a really interesting bunch!


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A remix typically samples, modifies or builds around the original audio.

An arrangement (a.k.a. cover) is adapting a song to new instrumentation or performance (instead of using the original audio), which is what the OC ReMix community does with a focus on interpretation within the arrangement. :-)

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My opinion may be completely wrong, but I'd try answering this anyway.

Let's start with remake, which is where what I feel your samples seem close to be. You'd copy the notes AND the style of the original, and don't add anything new other than an updated production.

Covers can be a bit more versatile - while the remake variety certainly fits in this category, it's also entirely possible to do other things while still maintaining the progression of the original. To name examples, you could play it on a solo instrument like a piano or classical guitar; you could decide to do it in different styles (like with the Wheeled Warriors demo stated, changing the style to bossa nova for example can be a bizarre but interesting twist on a cover); or it could be just you and a bunch of friends playing the song as a garage band. There's more endless possibilities to go for.

Remixes on the other hand can do more bizarre things arrangement-wise - you could add new elements to an already existing song, you could completely change the chord structure while keeping the melody intact, you could keep to the feel of the song but at the same time add more elements appropriate to the feel (again with the Wheeled Warriors example, a break with one of those 80s guitar solos won't go amiss), or even chop up the structure entirely and restructure to your liking. It all comes down to what you think will see fit - hence, offers more room for interpretation.

I hope this kind of answers your question. Though, I'm fine if anyone wants to correct me as well. :tomatoface:

[EDIT: Well, damn. Larry beat me to the punch. Guess short-and-to-the-point is the flavor of the day. :lol:]

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I think Liontamer's analysis is pretty much spot-on, meaning that most music around here is actually cover-ish in nature rather than literal remixes. Overclocked covermix just doesn't sound as good...

I've been pushing for Overclocked Reinterpretations :)

not really...

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