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Five Nights at Freddy's

Garrett Williamson

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New game that's kinda going viral in the same way Slender did, though maybe I'm wrong.


Freaking terrifying. Markiplier did a gameplay of it and it nearly made me crap my pants. Maybe it's because Slender's old and I'm not scared of that concept anymore, but Slender's got nothing on this game. I don't even think Amnesia or Outlast scares me nearly as much as this does.

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I don't recommended playing this before going to sleep. The game disturbed my sleep, something that never happens. I know it's just a game, but it seems to have a psychological effect on the faint of heart...

I think it happened to most everyone. I couldn't sleep the first night, second night got easier, and tonight I'm hoping I'll actually get to sleep quickly. And I only watched the game. There is no way I'm playing this game.

Maybe some don't find this as scary, but this game basically just fueled my already-existing fear of the animatronic Chuck E. Cheese.

Thanks, video game, I don't ever wanna go back to Chuck E. Cheese because of you.

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Played it this last Friday with a bunch of friends who were streaming.

It's some genuinely creepy shit, leaves a lot up to interpretation concerning the world that is Freddy's.

Also it's very very Myst-like, which is a plus in my book.

When I first saw it it reminded me of Night Trap.

Except this time it's actually freaking scary.

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I never really played a horror game except for maybe Doom... I never played Slender or anything of that nature because the ones I tried to play never worked on my PC.

Always wanted to try a horror game to see what all the buzz is about, since this game seems to get everybody's attention and it is on Steam, I just have to try it.

Video Games don't really affect my dreams, because I have the ability to control and observe what happens in them 97 percent of the time. ;)

Overall: Five Nights @ Freddys sounds like a good game, I saw videos of it and its on my wishlist. Hope its as good as everyone says it is. (=

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I played this last night and had a little trouble sleeping. The sound design is pretty great, and it's especially believable with headphones on (though the animatronic screeches are way too loud imo). I looked up a let's play after you made this thread, but no video can really convey how tense this game is.

Or maybe that's just because I played it late at night, in the dark with headphones on. But I feel like that's required for any experience in the "horror" genre :)

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