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OCR02975 - Chrono Cross 'Cruisin' (Live Edit)'


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OMG yes!!! Finally.

Yeah, I still know both WIP versions, I had them as a waking alarm on my phone, yes both of them, the second one replaced the first one and I currently have it on my SD card for my car as well (where only recently acquired music or my all-time favorites are). And my first post was a comment on the first WIP, so yes, I waited for it to show up on here, and finally it's there! :D I know I sound crazily fanboyish, but I really like CC and I like Ivan's style, so...:)!!

I hope he will someday direct a CC album for OCR (and I hope I might be ready until then to be featured on it)

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This isn't an instrument set that I usually like, but I appreciated the mix. It had a lot of good energy, and the original melodies channeled through nicely. My only quibble was the added sound effects. I always prefer studio-recorded music over live versions, because I don't like the sounds of the audience at the start and end of the song. It's personal preference and I'm sure there are some people who like it, but I would have preferred to have the music without audience sounds.

Audience aside, this is a very nice arrangement. Good work!

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