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OCR01482 - Metal Slug 2 "No Need to Reload"


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This is music ive been waiting for for a while. ive always loved the metal slug games and the music that they have. This peice is an awsome tribute to those games. Even though the guitar is unrealistic sounding it still fits this song extremely well. You know a song is good when it makes you go back and play through your old stock of games. Definitly one of my favorites. This one is gonne be relayed for a good while. Great job on this track RoeTaka.



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Wow, this track hasn't been reviewed in a looong time- like a few months after I joined the OCR forums. :o

Anyways, it's some nice sounding bass and drums mix in with a pretty cheesy sounding guitar and some cool synths to produce a track that is more than the sum of it's parts. Melodically there isn't much of a hook to grab on to, but there are a lot of great rhythms present- the drum breakdown is especially tasty, and the huge fill right before the end was very effective as well.

So while the guitars at first are pretty grating, the great rhythms really draw you in. Definitely worth a listen.

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Three seconds in (following a humming tone), we get a vicious invitation that sounds like: "YA READY FOR THIS? WE'RE PACKIN' FANGS AND FURY!" A fitting attention-grabber, because every guitar in this mix GAWRAOWRLZ like a foaming-at-the-mouth canine. If I become one with them, I get the urge to bite and tear off a person's flesh with my teeth.

In other less violent news, I appreciate the occasional changeup/freshener like 1:12 that acts as a buffer against the wall of sound. What I like best about the drum-led breakdown at 1:52+ isn't the industrial vibe or the way the bass slap kinda hops and slicks and slides on its time off, but rather the brief laser-like wind-down at 1:57. (Are those lasers? Cuz that's what I think of when I hear them.)

As for arrangement - Judg(e)ment's main melodic riff consists of 3 notes (1st 2 = same, 3rd is higher), notably in the beginning and after those voices LT hates, whereas No Need to Reload not only audibly pronounces those deeper notes in that riff span, but gives it a neck, a torso, and some limbs to help it go places (higher up the scale, down in the trenches, running back to the front lines [2:11], etc.).

Sweet chills all around.

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