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  1. I'm in this one to win. Damned shame that the man himself doesn't get the love, after all.
  2. I don't post much on the forums, but I swore I'd keep an eye out on Delta-Q-Delta and see when it came out. Well, it's out now, and I've got my listen in for the whole album. Overall... I like it. It doesn't seem to have an overall "story" like Dark Side of Phobos did, but DQD is excellent as more of a celebration of Doom 2's style. I will, however, more than likely edit this post in the future as I listen more often, with my thoughts on the individual tracks.
  3. I'm already good and stoked about this game. Not really caring who else gets in (but I'd love to see Ridley from the Nintendo side), but, I have just one thing to say. If Konami gets anybody else in, it's probably not going to be another Metal Gear character. Like some of you say, I'm expecting a Castlevania presense if this happens. And if this happens, I'd be rooting for Sonia Belmont, Nathan Graves, or the one-and-only Alucard. And I'd want Sonia because, let's face it, we need another chick that can kick ass. Namco getting in will probably get us some Tales action going on, and I'm seeing either Lloyd or Zelos, if this occurs. No comment on Capcom or Sega. Or any of the others. Yet.
  4. I'm just gonna say this, Roe. You made me a fan with your work on DSoP. And this is just making me love your work even more. And it's true, this sounds perfect for the Metal Slug series.
  5. This track? This is Fei Long. Kicking an ungodly amount of ass. This is not just Fei Long against one hapless victim, this is he, going Bruce Lee on a veritable horde of slightly-inexperienced mooks. And kicking each and every single one of them to the curb without so much as a scratch or a sprain. Great work on this one!
  6. There's just something about this remix project. Something that tells me that, basically, I can listen to this one a hell of a lot easier on my little walks around town than the other three I've downloaded. It just sounds natural for me to listen to this one as I walk, I guess. Nice work, I got hooked immediatly.
  7. I've been thinking, for a little bit, about a "serious" title. I've thought of Hell and Back and The Other Side of Hell, but I'm not... creative with names, either.
  8. Okay. As a party interested in how this is turning out... EvilHorde's doing the Map01 track, I see. He did Hangarmageddeon for DSoP, right? I don't see that orchestral genius that did "Dark Side of Phobos" anywhere on here, though, may I ask if he had a reason to not join this project? Looking forward to the remix of Getting Too Tense, here, most of all. Oooh, Mazedude himself's doing a track. Anyway, if you need publicity, I can help as best I can once this one's released. Will also help seed.
  9. Loved Dark Side of Phobos, guys. I can't wait to see this one. If I knew about this before, I would've gotten my dad to see what he could do. I might still, just to see. I'll help however I can when the time's right.
  10. A very powerful, seemingly completely orchestral piece, this is. Probably the most fear-invoking track on the entire site, not to mention the project that this track is a part of. There's a bit of repetition to the main pulse, but all that does is add to the suspense, and at the points where the music gets going, I can almost see a conflict between a hero, or a small group of soldiers, fighting something they can't see, hear, or understand. The last part, the piano solo, seems to me to be a quiet respite, as our heroes calm down, or survey the carnage they're due to witness. Possibly a couple have died to the attack. Then, finally, when their guard is down, the enemy returns for one last go... and that's all we see of them. Maybe this isn't a moving piece, but it invokes plenty of emotion, anyway.
  11. I haven't been able to comment on this yet, so here's my comment now: This whole remix project is full of kick-assitude. From the classic remix of E1M1, the jazzy style of "Leaning Tower of Babel", the Imp-like sounds I somehow hear in "Jade Spawn", and the inutterable doom that seems to pervade "Aria of the Damned", and "Iron Cathedral", it all builds up to the finale of the final three pieces. A nigh-impossible fight told by DSoP, the moment when all hope is soon lost in Darkness Dawning, and the unexpected, bittersweet victory that Electrocute Bunny seems to tell of, almost as if our hero beat the odds, but still kinda lost. Can't wait to see the Doom II remix project, in fact. Keep it up, all of you. This one's been my favorite "soundtrack" ever since it came out, and the next one is sure to be even better.
  12. Hmm, that's strange... when I listen to this, I hear at certain parts some kind of sound that sounds like one of those Imps... Makes me a little paranoid, that I hear Imps in the background of this track. Great work, very mellow sounding, definatly perfect to listen to for a rainy day.
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