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I like this quite a bit. Even the lower-than-average recording quality is kind of endearing. Kind of adds to the feel of it. My biggest complaint is that it fades out so quickly, when it feels like there's at least another minute worth of things to say. You know what they say about these things though, better wanting more then having too much...


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I’m not used to such low-quality audio from a remix on this site. But I suppose if you picture it as listening to an old school rock track from the 70s on the radio while driving down the road, it’s not so bad. Very short track, almost too short for me to really recommend. The introduction is wonderful though.

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Love the clean guitar intro, and the FX from the game itself leading into the main track is a nice touch. Excellent guitar work, but as has been mentioned above the low quality detracts from the mix a bit. It really does sound like a soft rock track from the 70's; maybe something by The Eagles or Lynyrd Skynyrd. But, as has also been mentioned above, just as it starts to really get going it stops! Such as shame :(

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