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Remixers of Ohio.....ASSEMBLE!!!

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.....hi.......Soooo every time my school's radio station does an artist week( invite local artists to play their music live) I do 2 things, try and get booked then proceed to bug every artist how much they would like remixing VGM, so far nothing, great bands and talented people all of them friendly, just not many burn with a passion for the music that is part and parcel to the games we play. I've tried hanging around the music lab, but that just ended up with me helping some people get their bearings in Reason ( still had fun helping though). It would just feel nice to know that there are other mixers around Ohio that are plugging away making it happen. Soooooo.....what's up?

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You are not alone my friend ^_^' I've been with you the whole time.

All right! Two! No, seriously I was expecting 3 less than that, but WOW! I feel like the only time Ohio gains a remixer is when they pass through on their way to MAGfest, but Wowie-wow-wow! Come on, speak up you lurkers, who else has had the pleasure of driving behind an Amish Buggy????

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