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Steam Holiday Sale 2014


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Monaco, if you don't already have it. Going for $1.34 at the moment.

Monaco is really fun, especially with a group of friends. Great LAN game. Everyone on your team plays a different role in various "heists" such as the cleaner (knocks people out), the hacker (hacks computers/security systems quickly), the gentleman (can utilize disguises), the mole (digs a path through walls), and a few others. Really well designed and really fun.

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GOTY Borderlands 2

This is the best deal right there. For $11 US, you get:

  1. The core game,
  2. Two extra characters,
  3. All four campaigns, including the fucking awesome "Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep", where you play in a Dungeons and Dragons-themed world, fighting dwarves, knights, mages and other fantasy critters... with your rapid-fire acid shotgun and exploding, electric, black hole grenades. Just... fuck, yes.
  4. The level 61 cap increase,
  5. Collector's Edition skins and heads,
  6. and the "Creature Slaughter Dome" (minor bonus area, not really awesome, but still...)

For another 2 bucks, you get the level 72 cap (with the really challenging "Digistruct Peak" map, which lets you use level 80 gear without having to grid to level 80).

Add another $5 (one buck for each) for the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day and summer vacation themed Head Hunter Packs (little side adventures that give you just a little bit more story and places to shoot up and explore).

Total cost: $20-ish.

Even if you skip the second level cap and the extra maps, you're still getting at least 50 hours of content for less than $12. You can't beat that content to price ratio.

Highly recommended.

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This is the first year in a long time I'm not participating in the Steam sale, and the silly holiday trading card game that takes up way too much time and dedication... mainly because I still have too many unplayed games from the last Steam sale, and the sale before that... and probably the one before that -- you know what I'm talking about. Another part of it is that I've become a filthy casual who would rather pay a little more to get the games on a dedicated console that can play them fine without my PC crashing, needing updates, or other things that frequently occur in PC gaming. The graphics quality rat race. It's gotten to the point that chrome autocompletes "store." to "store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com" instead of "store.steampowered.com". I know I'm casualized console scum now but I'll be back to PC gaming someday. So I really appreciate the gifts I've gotten recently (Shovel Knight, Final Fantasy III, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 1 and 2)

In conclusion, merry gaming Christmas everyone, regardless of what system you're on... and enjoy those Steam sales! If there's anything enticing for me, I'll hop on it -- but I'm holding out for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at $20 or less. :lol:

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That's a true discount. They could have give it free for that price.

They did a while back. It was part of their "On The House" thing for about a week or thereabouts.

If anyone likes pinball games, half of the Pinball FX2 lineup is 66% off at the moment. Also, the Steam edition of Red Faction: Guerrilla is $2.99 until later today.

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