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PS1 20th anniversary album [CANCELLED :(]

Ivan Hakštok

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So, I originally wanted to run this album last year, considering the Japanese PS1 release was December 3rd 1994, but I got caught up in Futebol Arte and decided to postpone it for this year. European and North American release both happened in September 1995, so September 2015 is our target release time! :mrgreen:

Album Concept:
This album will serve to highlight some of the more overlooked PS1 soundtracks! Which is why there are some limitations on the sources available:

  • You can only claim a source from a game that has 1 or 0 remixes on OCR, though I may approve games that don't fit this criteria on a case-by-case basis
  • One claim per game, so claiming a source is equal to claiming a game
  • Game DOESN'T have to be PS1 exclusive, but ports are not allowed
  • Claiming multiple games is ok, but have in mind that you may be taking a spot from somebody else
  • Sources from games that have more than 1 remix on OCR are allowed if part of a song that has at least one source with 1 or 0 remixes




  • Alundra - The Legendary Zoltan
  • Brave Fencer Musashi - The Legendary Zoltan
  • Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back - Rexy
  • Digimon World 2 - Sbeast
  • Digimon World 3/2003 - Chernabogue, Tuberz McGee, Furilas
  • Gradius Gaiden - Ivan Hakštok, Wild_Cat
  • Gran Turismo - Ivan Hakštok, WillRock
  • Gungage - Ivan Hakštok
  • Klonoa: The Door To Phantomile - Detective Tuesday
  • Legend of Dragoon - jnWake
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin - Yami
  • Ridge Racer Type 4 - Jorito, Xarnax42
  • Space Invaders (PS1) - Trev
  • Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage - ExperimentalSoundLab
  • Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - Tuberz McGee
  • Suikoden 2 - Jorito, JoyDreamer, Lauren the Flute, Trev, XPRTNovice
  • Tekken 3 - Tuberz McGee
  • Vagrant Story - HoboKa


no WIP
basic WIP
substantial WIP
near completion
wav received

I don't wanna impose strict deadlines for anything except the final cutoff date, but I don't want people waiting until the last moment to work on something (like I usually do :oops:). That's why there are only two deadlines:

WIP deadline - May 7th - by this point you need to have a midi or half of a song or drums or rhythm guitar or anything, just to show me an idea of your remix.
Final deadline - July 1st - This should give both me to check it and the OCR staff enough time to evaluate.

Some game and source suggestions:



  • Klonoa: Door to Phantomile




  • Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon



  • Tekken 3




  • Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena




  • Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters




  • Vagrant Story




  • Soukaigi




  • Koudelka



  • Lego Island 2




  • Digimon World 2







Come on people, grab the tracks and let's make some awesome music! :mrgreen:



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Ya need to get some Final Fantasy in there.

I'm interested, but I might be one of those freaks that takes up until the last minute to record stuff because of other projects.

I was thinking about FF Tactics. It has 2 remixes on OCR but both from over 10 years ago. And it's Hitoshi Sakimoto. So if anyone wants to claim it, I'd be willing to allow it.

As for the FF games from the main series, no can't do. There's enough FF remixes on OCR + there's an FF9 album coming out. :twisted:

EDIT: Poof! As soon as I said FFT was ok, it was claimed. xD

Edited by Ivan Hakštok
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God damnit. You mean I have to choose between Tekken 3 and Spyro 3?


This is so difficult.

Whatever, I don't need free time! I'll take Jin's Theme from Tekken 3 and I'll probably do a proggy medley thing from Spyro 3. :3

Is that cool?

(also anyone who does digimon world music gets a big sloppy kiss from me <3 )

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I've marked Rexy and Tuberz down!

Chernabogue, just let me know the exact Digimon game you want to remix, since there's lots of them on PS1 (Digimon World 1, Digimon World 2, Digimon World 3/2003, Digimon Digital Card Battle, Digimon Rumble Arena) and they all have great soundtracks :D

EDIT: I'll try to post more awesome ps1 soundtracks later, there's tons of stuff I forgot in the first post.

Edited by Ivan Hakštok
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Hmmm, tempting, I am a nostalgic sucker for PSX games! I'm interested for sure, but I'll have to check with my other commitments too (oh and getting the move to a new house out of the way first).

I wouldn't mind some RPG song recommendations tho, as I'm a sucker for JRPGs ;)

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