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OCR01496 - Legend of Zelda "Hyrule's Angel (The Sleeping Beauty)"

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"Oh, Hyrule, I stand on guard for thee."

I just feel like standing and saluting a crowd of patriots while singing this. It feels like a national anthem.

The medley of the title track and the dungeon fits well. The panning techniques with the guitar and the drums remind me of some of goat's tunage. Excellent! Keep releasing these types of songs.


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When I first listened to this song, it didn't work for me. But after listening to it for 3 or maybe 4 times, it started growing on me, and now I think that it is a pretty sweet piece of work.

But I have one complaint: the song is toooooo damn long.

It should have been made into two seperate songs; one with vocals (the part up until 3:23), and a second, instrumental one featuring the dungeon theme.

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First mix I have downloaded in a while and what a goodun it was. I didn't think it was too long at all - I love long songs that keep giving me more of what I want and leave me feeling more satisified after listening than a short 3-4 minute track that I end up replaying.

The lyrics were fine and sung well - there was one point where it seemed to me that the music, the male voice and the female voice were all contending to be in the front rather than balancing properly but it passed fast and ceased to bother me.

Good stuff, I got really annoyed that my guitar was in for repair when first listening to this because I really wanted to pick it up and join in :)

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Usually i just lurk the site and check out the new music that comes through but i just had to register to drop my praise for this song.

This is with out a doubt the most PHENOMINAL Legend of Zelda remix of all time! I genuinely cant imagine anything that could ever top this. You've got me jammin this out at work, singing it in the shower, blasting it in my car.

Honestly i think i can die happy, and they better be pumpin this song on my ride up to the pearly gates o_o

Keep up the great work!

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Another guy who thought he would be cool by putting lyrics to a perfectly GOOD piece of music that stands on its own... way to ruin one of my favorite melodies...

That's not QUITE how it happened. It was more like:

An evil bitch forced a poor guy to sing cheesy lyrics to a perfectly good piece of music. Just because she had a vision.

Someone, put a price on her head!

Also, speaking of Music of my Groin. How many of you have heard that song live - in Shael's apartment in New York?

*rubs knuckle against chest*

I have! (omg)

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A pretty good emulation of those fantasy-metal style bands, although the vocals give it a uniqueness. The production is of course rawer than most folkish metal pieces I've heard, and I have to say, the result is actually desirable. Things aren't as clear as they should be, but who says they should be. It gives it some darker areas that I enjoy a lot.

The vocals aren't the strong point, and the lyrics are standard epic medieval fantasy fare, but you know, nothing ever feels wrong.

I'd trade the first section for the dungeon section anyday, but both exhibit a huge amount of talent and effort that never sounds laboured, stale or amatuer. I don't know about the best, but I think this is possibly the meatiest treatment of the Zelda theme (+ dungeon theme) that there will ever be.

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I can't say I fully enjoy the production here (sometimes you can't barely hear the individual instruments), but I guess it was an artistic choice. I can live with that.

Vocals are excellent and fitting for this genre IMO (although the delivery is seriously stereotypical, especially the forced lower register), the guitar solo is tasteful and...quite beautiful. You guys are far too talented!

Two thumbs way up.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01496 - Legend of Zelda "Hyrule's Angel (The Sleeping Beauty)"

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