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  1. Look up "epic" in a dictionary and you will find a link to OCR02515 there.
  2. Hmm, I own one of these. Well not exactly the same item because it is not available in germany... but one of the others you can find on Amazon. I can only warn you... the picture and sound quality will decrease dramatically when you use these. I'm still looking for a good converter...
  3. Just cool. It may be simple an repetitive - and on top of that a ripoff - but it's catchy enough to force me to comment on it. I never heard of the game though.
  4. Nice, finally a remix of Judgement Day. I like it a lot... especially the part from 2:30 - 3:15. Great Job!
  5. Wow, I'm listening since Episode 15 or something, but haven't posted in this thread the whole time. Shame on me. So here's my chance: Happy Birthday! Awesome pictures you have there. And now I'm really looking forward to this PLAY-documentary. Kudos from germany.
  6. It is not. This was one of the first mixes I dl'd (about 2 years ago) and I think it's still one of the very best.
  7. I like this piece, because the main bass melody reminds me somehow of the one in Pink Floyd's "Sorrow". =] Oh and the sax is great.
  8. Whoa, that's a decent list of remixers there. I'm really looking forward to this... man, I must not die within these 6 months.
  9. I second that. And it really starts kicking at 2:00 Amazing submission indeed ! Hope we get to hear many more remixes from this one. This is so true. This site needs more industrial mixes of this quality. Great job, Revolver.
  10. Somehow this mix makes me sleepy... and I like it. Truly a great piece of music here.
  11. So few rewiews for such a good mix? Maybe it doesn't fit the standards anymore these days, but i still like it.
  12. Really good stuff. You can't imagine how much I like this mix. And these ... lines from pitch black fit perfectly to the dark and rusty atmosphere. Awesome!
  13. You should take the time you need to make this project sound really good. Everyone knows these games, that have to be completed by the date of a movie premiere. Well, usually these games suck. And I don't want this project to suck.
  14. I really love the athmosphere of this mix. This is the perfect ending theme: imagine you are watching the credits of the game and this wonderful piece of music comes up... damn! And this fading piano at the end...Nice work. Thanks very much, Sal.
  15. Hello there and greetings from Germany. I know this site for about two years now, but I've always been too lazy to register. What else can I say? - I had a lot of fun here already and hope this will continue. So, see you all. _________________
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