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  1. Look up "epic" in a dictionary and you will find a link to OCR02515 there.
  2. JimSelve

    Hook up Console to Comp Screen?

    Hmm, I own one of these. Well not exactly the same item because it is not available in germany... but one of the others you can find on Amazon. I can only warn you... the picture and sound quality will decrease dramatically when you use these. I'm still looking for a good converter...
  3. Just cool. It may be simple an repetitive - and on top of that a ripoff - but it's catchy enough to force me to comment on it. I never heard of the game though.
  4. Nice, finally a remix of Judgement Day. I like it a lot... especially the part from 2:30 - 3:15. Great Job!
  5. JimSelve

    VGDJ: The Official OCR Podcast

    Wow, I'm listening since Episode 15 or something, but haven't posted in this thread the whole time. Shame on me. So here's my chance: Happy Birthday! Awesome pictures you have there. And now I'm really looking forward to this PLAY-documentary. Kudos from germany.
  6. It is not. This was one of the first mixes I dl'd (about 2 years ago) and I think it's still one of the very best.
  7. JimSelve

    OCR01465 - Sonic & Knuckles "Lover Reef"

    Whoa, this song appeared in one of my dreams last night. (Is this a good thing?)
  8. JimSelve

    OCR01310 - Final Fantasy VI "The Sveldt"

    I like this piece, because the main bass melody reminds me somehow of the one in Pink Floyd's "Sorrow". =] Oh and the sax is great.
  9. Whoa, that's a decent list of remixers there. I'm really looking forward to this... man, I must not die within these 6 months.
  10. I second that. And it really starts kicking at 2:00 Amazing submission indeed ! Hope we get to hear many more remixes from this one. This is so true. This site needs more industrial mixes of this quality. Great job, Revolver.
  11. JimSelve

    OCR01410 - Descent II "Revelation"

    Somehow this mix makes me sleepy... and I like it. Truly a great piece of music here.
  12. So few rewiews for such a good mix? Maybe it doesn't fit the standards anymore these days, but i still like it.
  13. Really good stuff. You can't imagine how much I like this mix. And these ... lines from pitch black fit perfectly to the dark and rusty atmosphere. Awesome!