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OCR03118 - Mega Man 7 'Seventh Climb'


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While I do have to agree with the judges that the vocals seem to get backgrounded behind the music quite a bit, that's about the only thing that bothers me, so it's no big deal. Lots of emotion behind the voice work and of course the guitar and percussion is well done. The panning was cool and overall I enjoyed this ReMix. Keep it up, Cyril.

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I've loved all of Cyril's vocal tracks so far, and this one has exactly the same qualities I've enjoyed about the others. I sing along to Never Stop in my car. Absolution Comes in Dreams was the song that brought me to OCR in the first place, and while his voice might not be the most refined in the world, it's got passion, and his lyrics are always well thought out.

I'll echo the critiques, though. There are points where the vocal line are simply too muddy to make out clearly, which is a shame. The songs I mentioned before both had very powerful and clear vocal lines, so the mixing flaws in this are more evident. But, along the same lines as everybody else, it's no bother.

Keep up the brilliant work.

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