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Kingdom Hearts ReMix Album Project -- Cancelled

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KINGDOM HEARTS REMIX ALBUM PROJECT TRACKLIST   The project is cancelled due to the low interest in a KH album. Thanks and sorry everyone who wanted to help and/or supported the idea. Peace.   Pro

No use beating a dead horse I guess. I liked working on VVIII a lot, so if you have new album ideas, feel free to reach out to me.

Any extra help needed management wise? I need something else to do while Heart of a Gamer is in the time period between finished and released... Do tell, because I would like to help in some management style... That, and I adore Kingdom Hearts as a series. I own both one and two on ps2. Doesn't work with my ps2, but still. Bought them new on amazon for cheap. Now they sit there, begging me to play them. Anyways, point being: If you need someone to be there to take all the blame and be okay with taking all of it, I'm your guy. Slight rant over.

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Count me in on Timaeus' quote; did check the tracks but only Kairi inspires me and that one is a bit scarce in material to work with. But I'm happy to collab if people need me. Maybe I should just bribe Eino and Tuberz and do a Maverick Astley collab :P

Count me in to at least try to convince you to claim one! :P

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Man. I'll take Bustin' Up On The Beach. 
One of the best tracks in the game. 100% so goddamned funky. 
I'm also super tempted to take Destiny Islands, the Gummi Ship Music, "Having a Wild Time" and "Fragments of Sorrow".
If I find enough free time I might chuck something together for them. :P 

Also, keen to do the guitar thing for peeps, vocal stuff too. :3 Are we doing Simple and Clean? 

ps Chernabogue your claim is perfect <3 

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Let's see...

- "Treasured Memories"

- "Friends in my Heart"

- "It Began with a Letter"


Let me know if you need other examples/ideas :P


Love your pro active attitude in the tracklist (saw my name already there)  :P.


But sure, I'll bite; sign me up for a Kairi / Treasured Memories combo track. Let's see if I can get some of teh feelz in there. It's always great to work on some moodier stuff if you usually do upbeat energetic tracks :)

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Maybe, for dearly beloved, mostly because I already had a mix in the works for it.  Which might not be as good as I remember it.  I might look into other tracks, but this is a big maybe.

Thanks for answering my call. Brandon already claimed "Dearly Beloved" so I can only invite you to check the rest of the soundtrack. :)

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I contacted more than 30 artists and it seems there's is little to no interest in a KH album (compared to the response I got for the VV albums for instance). I don't think it's realistic to expect a mass arrival of claims anytime soon, so the best option may be to see if people here would be interested to collab on a KH remix (or several ones) and close this thread. I'll find something else.

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