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OCR03279 - Drakengard 3 "Ignus"


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Sean Schafianski -- I have massive respect for you my friend. So much that I double, nearly triple-checked to make sure I spelled your name right. :) This is so many miles and leagues above my OCR solo debut remix. By most standards even more established remixers this would be seen as a strong remix. Sure, there's some oddness to the mixing... vocals a tad loud, would have preferred a little more body to the acoustics.. Starting at 1:07 it seemed like the kick and snare was loud, and the kick could have used more of a low-end boost to give it some warmth/thump, maybe around 80Hz.. bass presence in the mix seems a bit too sterile, a bit clean. But the performances are so amazingly well done and everything sounds so awesome, and distinctly Japanese-arrangement sounding. With Emi Evans singing on this, it would sound right out of NieR perhaps. Maybe for the upcoming NieR 2? :P 

It's weird that around here critiques can be summed up to "I wasn't bothered by THIS..."

But with this song, I find myself not really being bothered by any particular element. I love the piano, both the sound and the sequencing (or performance, not gonna assume). Aforementioned nitpicks don't even bother me, they're just things that I personally would have dug hearing differently but doesn't affect my enjoyment of the song. The guitar solo is really nice and the tone is well-crafted. I think the drums could have used a little work in terms of leveling and EQ, but on the whole, the sound design is fantastic and the arrangement is very pleasing.

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I really never had a problem with Vocaloid music, though I do admit that I'm more of a fan of the deeper voiced ones like Luka or Meiko, so this is even closer to what I enjoy in this field because it is much clearer than the usual vocaloid stuff. And beyond the vocals, the music itself was very pleasant to listen to and had a smooth, warm feel. I could see this fitting very much into a Vocaloid rhythm game with how it showcases a steady beat with the strong guitar solo. Very nice, I enjoyed hearing this!

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