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OCR03288 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Once More - A Last TIME -"


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First, I wanna get the nitpicks out of the way. Sometimes, the choir sounded a bit too synthesized and unnatural to me. And the instruments playing the low chords at 1:39 - 1:52 sounded a tad too hot. The drums, while okay when they were first brought in, didn't sound like it could keep up with the energy of the guitar once that was brought in (and at times, it's kind of hard to hear the drum work). Those nitpicks could be just me though, as they don't take away from how wonderful this sounds.

I saw on the YouTube upload that someone compared this to the musical style of Jeremy Soule. And I can totally hear that comparison in this arrangement as well. What really sold me on this arrangement was 2:33 - 3:09. That piano sounded so natural, beautiful, and mesmerizing. The rock ballad ending was quite interesting, like more than half of this track was building up to that finale. I can't say what emotions you went through when producing this (and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), but it almost sounds like the rock ballad part was representation of encouragement and uplifted spirits after the more sorrowful sections that preceded it. That's what I got out of the structure at least, based on what was written in the bio.

All in all, I am amazed with what you were able to do with the Temple of Time theme, which always struck me as one of the most basic/least interesting tracks in Ocarina of Time. Definitely a great debut for you.

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I'm not really sure of the protocol with comments and responses, since this is all fresh for me. 

@nitrozsz First, your guess is as good as mine regarding the emotional shifts/representation in the track. Normally I'd be very conscious of those kinds of things, but I was in a bit of a fog doing this one. It's certainly clearer in retrospect for me, and I can't say you're far off in your estimations. It's all storytelling, and finding your own narrative is part of the adventure.

Second, everything you pointed out as nitpicks were all issues I had with it as well. The choir synth was my backup because the other was on the fritz for whatever reason. The mixing of the drums bothered me then, and still does. I'm just really revisiting the track now, since I hadn't thought about it for a long time, and there are a bundle of things I take issue with. But the structure and sort of emotional core/pacing of the piece hold up, so I'm pretty satisfied with that. 

The Jeremy Soule comparison is interesting, and certainly flattering. 

I saw that one of the judges - @Chimpazilla - ask if the piano section you also mentioned was referential to Midna's Lament. While it clearly does not utilize the piece melodically, it was certainly intended as an evocation of the way that theme breathes, to further transition the track as it builds towards a release (when the drums come in). 

Finally, thank you for the criticism, as well as the praise. It's very cool, indeed, to have thoughtful considerations of something you create. 

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This is a very pretty sounding piece in the beginning, with a little sorrow and a touch of whimsy, but then it really comes in with a sound of triumph and courage near the end. Hell of a ReMix to traverse so many emotions and images over the course of a song. Solid orchestral piece with an awesome rock section to bring it home. Definitely the most interesting and entertaining rendition of Temple of Time I've heard thus far. Great stuff, man!

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