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Current OCR Projects Situation: Analysis and Solutions


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If I remember correctly, project directors have to offer a remixer as a human sacrifice to DJP and the judges. There's this whole elaborate ceremony with cloaks and goat heads, chanting and some minor blood-letting.

It's an old formality, but it does speed up the process a lot.

I'm going to recommend... oh, let's saaaaaay... Tuberz McGee. He should be good enough. :<

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1 hour ago, MindWanderer said:

Just read through that, and it appears to describe what an album needs to be finalized, not what it needs to be moved from R&C and become an official project. Am I missing something? 

Informally, you have to create a proposal and send it to staff with a rough estimated timeline, initial artist list for tracks, summary of album concept, and desires for what the album will require.

I'd talk with a staff member more versed on these things though, I've been out of the loop for years :) .

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Pretty much everything you'll need is here: http://ocremix.org/info/Project_Guidelines#EXAMPLE_Project_Proposal

It includes an example proposal, which you would send to projects@ocremix.org

Generally some WIPs, any finished mixes too.. go into detail about your project, and if they see the potential of it being official, then it can be! 

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