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OCR03532 - *YES* Kingdom Hearts "Protect Your Kingdom"

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Wish the chorus had different vocal processing to differentiate it a bit more, and some other issues, but some good stuff going on here... needs the feedback -djp


Remixer Name: Smooth4Lyfe
Real Name: Joey Ofori
UserID: 33213
Game: Kingdom Hearts
Arrangement: Protect Your Kingdom
Arrangement from Game: Dearly Beloved
Link to Original: https://youtu.be/Md1lOSvswrM
Own Comments: This is a hip hop song inspired "Dearly Beloved", one of the main themes from Kingdom Hearts! The lyric theme is inspirational and motivational.
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Damn, this is on point. Lyrics are amazing, and the vocals are perfect for the RnB style. The chorus at 1:14 and later doesn't really stand out compared to the rest of the track, which is a shame considering the rapping really builds up to that point. Some different processing of the vocals, or even some doubling in a different octave would've made that chorus more poignant. The background instruments are mixed just a little too far into the background, but they do give the space the voice needs. It would've been nice to hear them just a little more, though.

The ending is a bit disappointing, fading out like that. It feels like it should've at least completed the line it was on when it faded out. Overall, though, the issues I have with this are minor - this really does a great job nailing that old school RnB rapping style. It's smooth, the lyrics are on point (even sending me chills as I listen to them), and it's a unique approach to this very popular source. Great work!


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The instrumental could have been less sparse and had more variation, but the arranged material here was developed enough and the vocals were the focus for the listener. I would have liked the instrumental to also be louder behind the lyrics; it can be heard enough to where it's not a dealbreaker issue as is, but the source feels deemphasized to some extent.

Regardless of that, the overall execution worked well; this could have easily fallen flat if the vocals weren't properly produced and given some depth via delay or if the bass kick had no meat on it. Smart lyrics tied into mentions of games in the Kingdom Hearts series as well. Everything's clicking nicely, Joey. It's great to finally and officially welcome you aboard! :-)


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