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OCR03391 - Final Fantasy IV "The Light of My Father"

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03391 - Final Fantasy IV "The Light of My Father"

Wow, 2011... has it really been that long since we heard a new remix from Mustin?

Love the chill vibe of this mix.  I can also relate to the personal story; I have my own vivid memory of playing FF4 into the wee hours of the morning at a friend's house, hunting for where to drop the Key of Magma.  It was just that kind of game -- a real high point for the series, in no small part because of fantastic musical themes like this.

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ANY Final Fantasy mix is going to, for me, already set the bar pretty high. FF IV is going to set that bar even higher. When I hear that the remixer is intimately familiar with the source, now I'm expecting some real care and love in this remix.

Whatever doubts I had were wiped out in the first 1:19. What a wonderful, wonderful opening, where there was nowhere to hide in over-layered instrumentation; there is only the quality of the handling of a quiet, powerful take on the very core theme of the game. And the mood of the remix is really, for me, what makes this such an enjoyable listen; it's evocative, moving, and laden with emotion. Special props for 2:45+, where the percussion drops out and it's just a beautiful walk into a gorgeous sunset. Good heavens, this made 3 minutes just fly by, since I spent it transported to another world in another time. Thanks so much to the remixer for the journey. You've done FF IV proud.

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I liked reading about Mustin's very personal connection to this game. Video games mean a lot to me for the same reason he stated. I had a really terrible, traumatic childhood and games basically raised me more than anyone did from the age of 12 up, so I have a very personal connection to the games of my youth also (altho FFIV is not one of them, admittedly). I actually really thought about making game remixes because of the strong emotions that certain game music evokes in me, but I gave up b/c of how complicated it looks (lol)

I like a lot of Mustin's remixes and think it's awesome how much blood, sweat and tears he pours into the hobby, but this is unfortunately not one of my favorites of his. One peeve of mine is that this song's mellow intro lasts longer than an intro usually lasts, so I turned my volume up, thinking the whole song was gonna be like that, only to be blasted when the louder part started. It doesn't have a whole lot of variety for my tastes either.

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