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New FREE WillRock Album Release: Journey to the Centre of the World


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Sup OCR! Journey to the Centre of the World is my second full length original album, and is available for download at Bandcamp! Journey to the Centre of the World is a 10 track album, which i've been working on for the past 2-3 years. The album is a big fat 80's inspired Chiptune/Rock fusion. It has authentic chiptunes, less authentic chiptunes, and big fat 80s production with operatic singing and crazy synth/guitar solos! And it's FREE!!!



Track 1 features the Vocal Talents of Valentino Francavilla (Best known as the vocalist of ShockFront) and the famitracker chops of @DaMonz and the album also features a Remix by OCRs @DDRKirby(ISQ)!

You can download it on Bandcamp, or on overclocked records for the small price of free, but every donation helps me support myself and continue to make great music! If you end up enjoying the music, please consider paying what you think is a fair price for the download :) 

Thanks guys! REALLY hope you enjoy this one, a lot of effort went into it!



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