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OCR03445 - Chrono Trigger "Fritz Was Here"


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Hey, it's my favorite track of the album. Neat-o.

I think Yoshiblade's arrangement style works wonders for a track like this one - rather than significantly changing the structure, he adds more and more over the sparse source that was giving, changing the original feel of the track quite a bit. It's a very effective method in getting more out of something that didn't provide much.

Them wubs were pretty tasty, too, as were most of the effects he sprinkles throughout. The beginning does a great job giving this a more haunting atmosphere than normal, too. It's some quality stuff, here.

I never knew that tidbit about Fritz, either - that was a pretty cool bit of trivia provided as a bonus. Great track all around!

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Funky. I recognised the source straight away even though it's one of the more forgettable tracks from the game.

I think this has a bit of a Richard Joseph (RIP) sound to it, perhaps what he might've made if he was alive today. That's a huge compliment.

The music is harmoniously satisfying, even accounting for all the effects added to the melody. Even though I think dubstep is a bit overdone now, it works nicely in this track. Good job.

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