OC ReMixes subject to YouTube's Content ID

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While OCR's Content Policy is quite permissive with regards to ReMix usage in streams and videos, we've seen reports of videos getting hit with Content ID matches on YouTube against tracks from our catalog. Some matches are bogus (stolen tracks, false positives, etc.), some are legitimate (tracks that are a part of a commercial release, audio matched to a source tune, or legitimately claimed by the ReMixer). Here's a list of ReMixes we know have had issues in the past. If you're a streamer or video creator, avoid these tracks.

It should be noted that this list is not comprehensive, only because -- as we post new ReMixes -- other tracks may get added. We also don't have any list available for Twitch, though we haven't heard of issues there. It's possible that there are other tracks that will get your video flagged, and we periodically update this list. Unfortunately there's not a lot we can do about it, except recommend that when you contest your ContentID match with YouTube, link OCR's Content Policy. We've heard reports of people using that to get the hit removed.

We also recommend using Rainwave's song widget for Twitch for their OCR radio station. When new songs trigger YouTube's ContentID, Rainwave staff will get in touch with us and vice-versa in order to keep this list updated.

  • OC ReMix #3719: Mass Effect "One Small Step" [Uncharted Worlds] by Moiré Effect
  • OC ReMix #3716: Super Castlevania IV "Dracula Is Our Vampire!" [Vampire Killer] by Jorito, BMC_WarMachine
  • OC ReMix #3679: Mega Man 5 "A Crook Man's Eyes" [Dark Man Stage] by Nightswim
  • OC ReMix #3669: Final Fantasy VI "Snowy Pines" [Terra] by RebeccaETripp
  • OC ReMix #3532: Kingdom Hearts "Protect Your Kingdom" [Dearly Beloved] by Smooth4Lyfe
  • OC ReMix #3408: Chrono Trigger "But You're Still Hungry" [A Desolate World] by Marshall Art
  • OC ReMix #3284: DuckTales 'Apollo Duck' [The Moon] by WillRock
  • OC ReMix #3216: Super Mario Galaxy 'To the Stars' [medley] by Stephan Wells, Laura Intravia
  • OC ReMix #3193: Super Mario 64 'Sunken Ship' [Dire, Dire Docks] by Leandro Abreu
  • OC ReMix #3154: Mega Man 3 'Harder Than Steel' [Hard Man Stage] by The Megas
  • OC ReMix #3083: Final Fantasy VI 'Day of Ruin' [Kefka] by Dj ThirdEye
  • OC ReMix #2998: Metroid Prime 'Hot Machine, Cold Surface' [Ice Valley] by Ben Prunty
  • OC ReMix #2883: Final Fantasy X 'Just This Once' [Suteki da ne] by Dj Mystix, Sabrina Valenzuela...
  • OC ReMix #2774: Wild Arms 'There in My Dreams' by Abadoss, DragonAvenger & Nutritious
  • OC ReMix #2680: Final Fantasy XI Online 'A Decent Challenge' [Battle Theme] by Tweex
  • OC ReMix #2670: Legend of Zelda 'I Do It for the Faeries' [Above Ground] by The OneUps
  • OC ReMix #2395: Wild Arms '~to be loved is to love~' [The Miracle of Love] by melody
  • OC ReMix #2387: Ufouria 'Above the Clouds' by Drakken
  • OC ReMix #2354: Wild Arms 'Unstoppable' [Critical Hit!] by Flexstyle
  • OC ReMix #2348: Wild Arms 'Succumb to the Wilderness' [To the End of the Wilderness] by Level 99
  • OC ReMix #2212: Final Fantasy VI 'Forever, Young Rachel' [Forever Rachel] by Poolside, David Saulesco
  • OC ReMix #2118: Super Meat Boy 'Power of the Meat' [Betus Blues, Forest Funk] by Poolside
  • OC ReMix #2023: Final Fantasy VIII 'Shine Tonight' [Fragments of Memories] by Poolside
  • OC ReMix #1971: Langrisser II 'The Prophecy of Alhazard' [Unsere Seite] by Scaredsim & Dr. Manhattan
  • OC ReMix #1506: Double Dragon II 'Twin Blood' [Mission 9 (Final Screen)] by Sixto Sounds
  • OC ReMix #1295: Final Fantasy VII 'Aeris Lives' [Aeris's Theme, The Prelude] by Kevin Lau
  • OC ReMix #1162: Final Fantasy VII 'Prayer' [Aeris's Theme] by MENBAH!
  • OC ReMix #1138: Donkey Kong Country 2 'Forest Birdcussion' [Forest Interlude] by Protricity
  • OC ReMix #1114: Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix '4F73R M3' [B4U] by MC & SGX
  • OC ReMix #1040: Chrono Trigger '600 A.D. in Piano' [Yearnings of the Wind] by kLuTz
  • OC ReMix #1034: Wizards & Warriors 'Wise Wizards, Old Warriors' [Title] by bazooie
  • OC ReMix #978: Lufia II 'Turbid Guidance' [The Prophet] by Faze
  • OC ReMix #598: Super Mario Bros. 'Underworld Rock' [Underground BGM] by dimmer
  • OC ReMix #587: Soul Blazer 'Tears for a Moonlit Knight' [A Night Without a Lover] by Israfel
  • OC ReMix #577: Super Mario Bros. 2 'Super Buck II' [Overworld BGM] by Estradasphere
  • OC ReMix #455: Zanac 'Space Dance' [medley] by Insomnic
  • OC ReMix #396: Mario Kart 64 'Dream Racing' [Rainbow Road] by prozax
  • OC ReMix #191: Xenogears 'Broken Mirror Reflection' [SMALL TWO OF PIECES] by Alexander Prievert
  • OC ReMix #54: Metroid 'efsisos featuring Samus Aran' [Title] by efsisos
  • OC ReMix #8: Arkanoid '1999 (2000 Mix)' [Loader] by Chris Abbott

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I'd also recommend you guys steer away from my remix: 

  • OC ReMix #3284: DuckTales 'Apollo Duck' [The Moon] by WillRock

I licensed it for my album release Journey to the Centre of the World, so it could also get flagged. Maybe.

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