OCR03459 - Super Mario Bros. 3 "Raccoon Rhapsody"

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"It's a relatively liberal mix, so at times you might feel like you're listening to a remastered version of a Sonic OST and not an SMB arrangement"

I really had to laugh and agree when I read this, because I had JUST thought the same thing while listening to this ReMix. Even though it's not the same tune, musically and feeling-wise, I got a Casino-like vibe off this mix. The switching back and forth between the World 1 map and Athletic was done extremely well, and even without the breakdown I could hear both sources, so great job on taking this in a new direction while maintaining the originals so that they were recognizable. Not the typical Willrock style that I know him the most from, but still a fantastically funky mix with tight production, good writing and a clean, cool sound. Definitely putting this one on my Ipod.

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WillRock with a swing groove! Very nice. How much.

As usual with Will things are never repetitive and ideas always seem to building off each other. The solo at 1:58 is so wild and almost dizzying. Another great one.

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