OCR03474 - Undertale "Sunny Day Drive"

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Love the clap sound Just Coffee uses here as well as in the MM8 remix. Also excellent job combining all the different melodies together at 1:35! The key change in the second half definitely gives off a driving-into-the-sunset/ending credits vibe that works well. Just Coffee has just the right timbres for 80s synth pop and he could really make any VGM into a remix in this style if he wanted to.8)

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I must be getting old. Or my attention's going. Or both. The most lasting opinion I can form of most mixes I listen to nowadays is that they're too short, and not memorable (even with repeated listenings).


EDIT: Gave it another, third listen. I like how it starts - reminds me a little of the Sims. Happy and light stuff, good background tuneage.

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