OCR03540 - Super Castlevania IV "Selva Oscura"

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Agreed with the artist. Cliché is certainly the proper definitition for the sound effects. Wolf howl is the same used in tracks such as Sanctuary from LucasArts Outlaws. 

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Very enjoyable longform symphonic rock track, good performances to add some extra life into it. There's a small harmonic wart with the organ at 1:47 when transitioning between parts. That's about the only thing I personally object with the track, I see a bunch of production crits but my ears were not bothered by the production. I like the variety of the instrumentation and keeping everything fresh for the whole duration is an cool achievement. It really sounds quite effortless actually. The track also has a very strong sense of forwards drive, which is nice, it constantly feels like it's going somewhere. It's also interesting that the parts do not differ greatly from another, and since everything else is clicking, this emphasizes the sense of forward momentum.

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