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What NES games feature saving princess or returning home at end?


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I am working on an NES video montage and I need video clips of saving the princess/girl, returning home, etc.

So far I have

  • Adventure Island (girl)
  • Zelda (princess)
  • Mario 1 (princess) [one mario game is enough!]
  • Double Dragon (girl)
  • Kid Icarus (girl)
  • Kung Fu (girl)

No "returning home" so far, but I still need more girl/princess clips.


Here's a quick example of what I have so far, I'd like to replace some of these clips with your suggestions, although I'm definitely keeping the Duck Hunt dog, gotta have that!


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Thanks Gario. I'm actually saving Mega Man for something else.

Thanks yangfeili.

Came up with a list after going through youtube.


  • Dragon Warrior (most likely)
  • zoda's revenge
  • the adventures of bayou billy
  • GumShoe
  • bump n jump
  • king's quest
  • king's knight
  • kickle cubicle

too obscure:

  • princess tomato in the salad kingdom

pop culture references (disqualified):

  • dr jekyll and mr hyde
  • felix the cat
  • mickey mousecapade
  • adventures of tom sawyer
  • frankenstein the monster returns
  • jackie chan's action kung fu

A lot of them don't make the cut, I don't want any obvious pop culture references, they should feature original characters, games should have been popular and well-received, scenes must be in-game (no picture/story sequence), a lot of these are a bit to look at ugly or too unserious. Also I will probably just replace two or four clips at most so I might not need more suggestions, unless there's just some really popular game with a highly nostalgic sequence that I'm missing.

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15 hours ago, yangfeili said:

Starting at about 3:55

Fun fact about Dragon Warrior: Rescuing the princess is technically optional and can be done at any time.  You "need" to rescue her to learn where to find an item that lets you reach the final dungeon, but if you already know where it is (from a previous playthrough or a guide), you can skip her.  Or you can rescue her and never deliver her back home!  So here's a clip of someone doing just that: taking the princess into the final battle and returning home with her in your arms.

Someone on Twitter mentioned Little Nemo, the Dream Master, but you actually rescue the king in that one, not the princess.  You do return home, though:


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