OCR03589 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Technicolor Thunderstorm"

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I truly appreciate the freshness of the arrangement approach to the source tune. It's fun to hear it interpreted in a pretty new way.

HL's arrangements always so well considered, each line sounds like it has given a lot of consideration individually, but also how they work together. I need to make some notes..

Finally I'm reminded, by the tones of the chip leads and also the richness of the part-writing, two great retro-style soundtracks: VVVVVV and Shovel Knight, which I also appreciate!

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11 hours ago, TheChargingRhino said:



Wow again.




Was this made in part with SAC, by any chance?

Thanks! The chippy parts were made with FL Studio's 3xOsc plugin, and the LttP strings were from a soundfont by Blitz Lunar.

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Holy s*** this is good!!!

I've been liking Hylian Lemon a lot ever since his Essence of Lime album back in 2010 but now I think I'm just in love..

seriously one of my favorite artist on this planet, the guy knows how to groove and be funky and I need that in my life :)


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