*NO* Overwatch "Worth Fighting For" *FALLTHROUGH*

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Whoops, didn't catch this one - I didn't catch the download notification about five months back allowing downloads on Soundcloud. We should probably give this one some quick attention for the artist.

- Gario

ReMixer name: cloud (Cluster)
Real name: Rolla Campbell
This is my main email adress
UserID - 34128
This remix is inspired by the voice lines of Mei from Blizzard's Overwatch.
Named: Worth Fighting For
Source: Overwatch Victory (Track 17)
I had a lot of fun making this one, and a friend told me I had to upload this to you guys. I hope you enjoy!
cloud (cluster)

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A very simple remix of a surprisingly complex source.  Unfortunately, it boils down to not a lot of content.  1:46-2:49 is a repetition of 0:03-1:03, with only a few minor elements added (a pad, a couple of effects, and a key change).  1:03-1:30 is also a repetition of the main hook, and while ordinarily I'd say it's transformed enough to not sound repetitive, the voice clips are the same, and they get fatiguing very quickly.

I like some of the instrumental use, and I think that in general the combination of synths and ethnic instrumentation works quite well.  However, each of the synths used are extremely vanilla, with saws, e-piano, square bleeps, and drum kit all coming straight out of the generic EDM playbook.

There are some good ideas, and I do like how much it transforms the original source.  But I think the final result needs both more content and more original sounds to stand on its own.


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Really creative and transformative arrangement. Love the Mei-Percussion. Soundscape is classic and clean. Nothing wrong with building a track out of tried-and-true instrumentation.


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Wow, definitely a pretty unique take here. I love the unique soundscape you've created. I think the voice clips fit really well, though I do think they overstay their welcome as the track proceeds. 

My bigger issue right now is that I'm not hearing a connection to the source at all. I'm hoping it's an obvious thing that I'm missing, so I'd love some help here. Holding off a vote until then, because this is an easy pass for me if the source is there.

EDIT: Couple of us checked this out and definitely not hearing it. It's a super unique sound and really fun, but the source isn't there.


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