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OCR03905 - *YES* Skies of Arcadia "A Sailor's Respite" *PROJECT* *RESUB*


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Previous Decision

Remixer name: Bluelighter; Peíorele
ID forum: 21840; 34182

Game & Songs: Skies of Arcadia & Sailor Town
Arranger: Bluelighter

Interpreter: Peíorele (Trumpet solo)

Composer: Yutaka Minobe, Tatsuyuki Maeda
Album Project: Skies of Arcadia

Compositeurs : Yutaka Minobe, Tatsuyuki Maeda Éditeur : Sega Développeurs : Overworks Plate-Formes : Dreamcast, Gamecube Dates de Sortie Dreamcast : 05 Octob...

Precedent decision: http://ocremix.org/community/topic/43844-no-skies-of-arcadia-a-sailors-respite/

Remixer name: Bluelighter ID forum: 21840; Real name: Guillaume SAUMANDE; Game & Songs: Skies of Arcadia & Sailor Town Composer: Yutaka Min... 


Here is a new version of my mix of "Sailor Town".

Main improvements:

- Real trumpet player where it needed (pt4, 5, 6, 9)
- Cleaner sound for brass in staccato (pt5, 6)
- Harpsichord a little louder for the melody

I really thank Peiorele for his collaboration on this remix!

Enjoy :) 



Start: ML1 (Melodic Line)
0'14  ML2a
0'28 ML1 BIS
0'42 ML2a BIS
0'56 ML3
1'10 ML4
1'24 ML1
1'38 ML2b
1'53 ML5


Pt. 1.    INTRO based on ML1 (soft & march band)
Pt. 2.    0'26'' ML1 soft
Pt. 3.    0'50'' ML1 march band
Pt. 4.    1'13 ML2b march band
Pt. 5.    1'43 ML3 soft (with progression in instrumentation) – time signature in 11/8
Pt. 6.    2'19 ML3 march band – ML2a with brass adapted to this specific harmony – time signature in 11/8
Pt. 7.    2'43 ML4 march band & soft
Pt. 8.    2'58 ML1 soft
Pt. 9.    3'11 ML2a soft – marching band – time signature in 15/8



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Harpsichord sounds easy more up front and the live trumpet makes a huge difference. Definitely some great changes here! I will nitpick that the trumpet is probably a little too up front at times, but as a former trumpet player it didn't bother me too much. 

Overall I'm good to go on this with these changes. Thanks got getting back to us!


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For the opening, I felt like the source melody was buried in the background, so I was waiting to hear it be put in the foreground and that finally happened at :26; nothing wrong with that approach, I just was hoping the balance of the parts wouldn't be an issue like last time, and that concern was quickly put to rest. Nice work by Peíorele on the trumpet, and you can really feel the fun come through from Guillaume's arrangement. Really nice personalization of the theme and a great addition to the SoA album. Lovely!


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A little conservative in instrumentation and overall style, but thoroughly embellished with additional ornamentation, fluid temp fluctuations, and of course a nice live trumpet solo that adds a lot. Certainly keeps the feel of the original intact, but also explores permutations & enhancements sufficiently. Nitpicking, I'd say there could be even more ebb & flow to the tempo & dynamics, because it's the type of composition that leans on that "swaying" aesthetic, but that's tough to sequence, and what's here is good.


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Did not vote on the previous one, so let's see.  Right away this sounds like what I would expect from Bluelighter, a nice orchestral arrangement with more than a touch of whimsy.  Very nice tempo changes and dynamics.  2:27 sounds almost tango-ish, which is a plus in my book.  Nothing seems to jump out to me concerning the production, sounds clean and backing insturments do their job well, giving a nice full body to the arrangement.

This is a good listen that keeps the original lines not too far out of reach but also transforms it into a very fun arrangement.


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