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OCR03644 - Undertale "Chaos, Cookies, and Cider"


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Is that a Galaxy Quest quote?

I think it is - HA!

Also, she CAN be tough, but if you want past the spider girl just use some spider products that you purchase in the beginning of the game and she'll leave you alone. Just sayin'!

Er... Yeah, for the music I think this is a solid and enjoyable arrangement of a really cool source. Go check it out. :)

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Spider Dance was one hundred percent my favorite song from Undertale, so I greatly enjoyed this hard hitting DnB with a dose of electric metal take on it. Fast and beat-filled, this is the kind of high energy ReMix I like seeing for a boss battle with an adorable spider girl throwing croissants at you. That breakdown with the piano in the middle gives the mix that touch of creepiness that I think a lot of people felt when they knew something wasn't quite right with Muffet or saw her lair for the first time right before the fight. I totally agree with Tiago, drum and bass is great, but rock and bass is fantastic. Nothing sweeter than cookies and cider......except a good old round of chaos! Love it, great song, guys!

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