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MnP 87: Metroid Prime - Overworld 2

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Welcome to the Voting Stage!

  • There are 5 entries this round.
  • There is 1 Bonus entries this round
  • There IS a voter bonus this round.
  • Zorrakh has a vote worth 2x
  • Don't vote for Bonus entries please  
  • Participants may not vote for themselves   

Vote ends Feb 9th Fri @ 11PM


I threw my hat in the ring, but I don't expect nor ask for special treatment.  May the best man/woman/it win!! >: 3  .......I'm so PC.

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  • Dex got 1st with 15 points.
  • HoboKa got 2nd with 14 points. 
  • Shido & APZX tied for 3rd with 9 points. 
  • Ronaldpoe finished last at 4th with 1 point.

Dex PM me for the round 88 entry!


*edit* Down with the flu, hence why I was a bit late posting, but this is still probably better than my usual response time lmao.  Most of you guys did very well and it was another incredibly nail-biting process of who to nominate and who to say better luck next time***.  The downside of competitions I guess, because there were some REAL bad-ass remixes here.  Cya guys next round!  *EDIT2* Oh and thanks for thinking so highly of my remix - I almost got 1st place for once woohoo!!

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Zorrakh!  I forgot to comment you - gonna re-listen to your BONUS.  Will edit this post in 3 mins.  Oooo, nice rain-water and atmospheric start-up.  Great sort of cut-off fade in and Torvus Bog kinda feel to it.  Feels very Metroid Prime-y.  Nice rock-vibe to it.  Wow...SOMEONE in the Voting Process (you-know-who :P :P) thought the guitar-work sounded fake and MIDI-ish, well, this still beats PS1 era sound and doesn't sound stiff like my samples lmao.  Man you guys are so picky (J/K don't hit me All in good Fun T_T).  Nice atmospheric break down with breathing.  Honestly, if this were an actual *entry* I might've very well slapped this in 1st slot.  3:10 return to the main meat.  MEATY.  Oh yeah!  Nerdgasm.  Nice BONUS mix dude. 

What E-guitar sample is that btw?

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52 minutes ago, Ronald Poe said:

I'm not really surprised I got last place (I'm quite used to it by now) but there's one thing I don't get. Why do people say my tracks are drenched in reverb when I didn't use any reverb at all and rarely do? I might make a thread on EQ tips soon though ...

I guess it would be the way that instruments are placed. You can have extremely short reverbs that'd do pretty much what I'm hearing. But you are right there isn't any reverb there. 

Some tips. The single largest issue you have going on that I can hear is that everything is fighting for the number one spot. That just doesn't happen. For one sound to have something it has to take away something from another. Choose one sound you want to be the focal point. Then make everything fit around that one sound, for example the strings. Now, the strings aren't going to be your instrument here. So, what is another big focus? How about those timpanis (they sound like them or they could be taikos, but the attack is different). There is a lot of sustain on them. You've now got a choice to make. Do you just let their sustained portion run into one another creating a constant rumble? Or do you space hits so that the sustain of each hit ends before the next hit? Or do you try and quell the rumble in the mix? Of course you still have to consider the rest of the percussion. The snare? Where is it going to sit in relation to the timpani and the strings? What about the hats? How are they going to interact with the strings, timpani, and snare? How about that guitar (again I think it is a guitar, almost like a picked bass)? How are you going to integrate that in with the rest of the instrumentation? These aren't just mix focused questions, they are compositional questions first and foremost because the start of a solid mix is where the composition has everything basically where it ought to be. Sure some sounds might need a nudge or two, but in general things should be working in the composition. Well before you ever hit the notion of mixing. 

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Thanks for mentioning the SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH of the cymbals on my entry, APZX. I assume you're referring to the hihats from the first minute or so of the piece? If so I agree there was something wrong with the way they ended up sounding in the piece, but I wasn't sure how to fix it. I'll try gating them and see how it goes!

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