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OCR03710 - Super Paper Mario "Memory: Night"


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It's nice to see someone paying tribute to a fine soundtrack! Super Paper Mario had some real gems, and you just made one! Dreamy and peaceful, yet a progressive experience that keeps the listener entranced all the way through. This is going straight onto my quiet music sound track. 

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I don't usually like such tracks as this one as they seem a little bit boring to me, but this one... Woah, it's pure magic! So addicting. There's something almost hypnotizing about it. I can't really tell what it is, but my guess wold be the clock-like percussion :) And the mellow piano is a very nice thing too. I love how this track keeps adding more and more elements and changing them from time to time. Well... I don't even know how describe my passion abut this track. The last thing I can say for sure is that this is a must-download <3

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