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OCR04171 - *YES* Ys 3 & 1 "Feena's Premonition"

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Hey hey,

Remixer name: Jorito
Real name: Jorrith Schaap
Userid: 3899

Submission information:

Name of Game(s) Remixed: Ancient Ys Vanished Omen, Ys III: Wanderers from Ys
Name of Arrangement: Feena’s Premonition
Names of songs arranged: A Premonition =Styx= (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDsipkzkEPU&t=58s), Feena (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6osyFmpABk)
Link to the remix: 

Comments about the mix:

Another remix I reanimated for the Ys 30th anniversary album (http://ocremix.org/community/topic/46281-recruiting-for-30th-anniversary-ys-album/). Originally I did this with fellow MSX composer Meits for a competition on msx.org, but because we were so late to sign up, it was very rushed, and frankly not very good.
I always wanted to revisit this arrangement, because I felt it had potential, and the Ys album was a good excuse to finally give it the treatment it deserved. I set out with overhauling the piano, thoroughly changing the backing track/left hand part, adding variations and overall fixing a lot of timing and pedal issues as well as going for an overall more mellow, dreamy sound. 
In the original compo version, the piano was overpowering the entire mix, to the point of sounding distorted, and the backing parts were hard to notice. That part also got some serious work, with improved dynamics, some new parts, a few extra layers and some subtle added percussion. Overall I think it turned out well, and it finally creates this dynamic, symphonic opening prelude feel that was lacking in the initial attempt.
Big shoutout to Meits for the original piano parts that I used for this track. It gave a good starting point, but I think I left no note untouched while fitting it to the new arrangement. Sorry, buddy ;)
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The instrumentation was in the uncanny valley of realism at times, particularly the piano, but certainly above our production standards; Nice textures that mitigated the realism issues and put the focus on the writing. Easy call here, with a short but sweet combination of these two sources.


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I'm very happy with the development that Jorito keeps showing as a musician with each new song.  He's now able to tackle pretty much any genre and nail it on all fronts, and this mix is a good example of that.  Solid composition, attention to detail in the sequencing of the instruments and a lot of feeling injected into his interpretation of this song.  Very mellow feeling to this one, and pretty obviously over the bar.

I can only see even greater things coming from Jorito in the future.


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