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How to get the most out of mediocre instrument samples?

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1 hour ago, bustatunez said:

Hmm, well I'm late to the party and don't know why this is an argument.

Basically, I said that it's all about what the library samples rather than how it necessarily sounds (since all the pro ones at least have good recording quality) and it's best to get this so it can be done within one patch. Even in such a case, you can still delegate articulations to separate tracks if you really want to.

A barfight ensued over the second (of lesser-importance) part whereas I was expecting hell to break loose over the former.

2 hours ago, bustatunez said:

That said some people do prefer keyswitches, hence why many libraries provide both these days - a grand KSW patch and then all the individual elements

Indeed. Which is why I maintain that if one is in the market to buy a "brand-spankin new" library, or their first one ever, it makes little sense to go for one that only offers the individual elements.

2 hours ago, bustatunez said:

(the answer is reaper tho)

Reaper changed my life.

2 hours ago, bustatunez said:

Ooooh, do you have organ-style pedals you're using for keyswitches? That sounds pretty friggen awesome!

Well, I actually meant a sustain/footpedal switching to the legato articulations when depressed, and all others remaining on velocity when not, but the organ-pedal switching idea would be absolutely amazing were it not for my strings presently being the only keyswitch library I use regularly!

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You convince yourself it’s the bees knees and work with it. It’s mostly psychosomatic 

it is harder if you have a lot of stuffand can compare. So you really just buy 1 and tell everyone it’s the best, and then believe that urself and use just that. This is the kingly route. I was too stupid to do that, as well.


really, everything is pretty good these days. It sure beats making music on an iPad.what a horror.

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