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Hey everybody!

I've just completed a new orchestral arrangement.  It's a Battle Medley from a number of Legend of Zelda games.  It contains music from Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time.  The piece is a collection of music from Boss Battles, including a climax to the big Ganondorf fight, with some other incidental music thrown in to provide transitions.  It was made with Sibelius 7 and NotePerformer.  Please enjoy!




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45 minutes ago, BenEmberley said:

I definitely can, although I'm not certain what the purpose would be for that??


And thank you! ^_^

I discovered Zelda Classic (thanks to 744) and I want to use your track as a battle theme of sorts for a quest I plan on making. I shall give you full credit for the track.

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