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OCR03837 - Skies of Arcadia "Black Moon"


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Having been through a remixer previously already on this song and lack of interest in the difficult source material, I wasn't sure if this was a track that was going to make the cut or if I had to replace it with one that was easier to digest and arrange for. However, I really held to my guns, because this was such an influential track for me when I was growing up and playing this game. The atmosphere it generated while facing off a Gigas was immense and terrifying and I truly wanted a remix that would honor the spirit of the track.

So when @Modus said he knew @PrototypeRaptor and had his contact information, I was excited and asked if he could broach the subject with the possibility of him remixing for our album. After getting a response back, @PrototypeRaptor had selected, of all things, the Gigas' Theme! I was ecstatic! Not only was he one of my most favorite remixers on the site (I do believe I have every single remix he's ever done on my HD), but the fact he was doing the one song I really wanted done? This was like a dream come true.

Within record time, over the course of a month or so, the track was finished, pushed forward with an unmastered wav and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. He turned what was an extremely minimal and difficult to arrange source and made it something truly terrifying and awesome! Definitely a standout in the album! And thanks to @Modus for putting us in contact! We wouldn't have had this track if not for him!

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Prototype took one of the most difficult sources in the OST and gave it the essence of the Gigas: pure power and fear. The civilizations created six monstrosities as weapons of mass destruction, and you really feel it.

At one point, I commented that I was addicted to the first section of the song, restarting it over and over. PR added a dope reprise at the end, to my surprise. Love the whole song but felt addicted to that first part. Now I can just play it on loop.

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