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OCR03882 - Chrono Cross "Cosmic Kleptomaniac"

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03882 - Chrono Cross "Cosmic Kleptomaniac"

Love the OC Jazz Collective, you guys are brilliant. I really wish there was more out there like you. I'd be interested in hearing where some of you get your inspiration from and how you come up with your creative arrangements. 

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Ohhhh... I remember my initial excitement when I first heard a bit of thi track in the trailer :) Obviously, I was looking forward to the release of the whole version and it did not disappoint at all! Though I've never played CC, Star-Stealing Girl is easily one of my favorites from the OST, because there's just something extremely deep in its beautifully melancholic atmosphere. But the way these guys treated the source is absolutely mind-blowing. Taking such a sad-sounding source and turning it into a jazz jam that's so mellow and creamy was a simply brilliant decision. I love all kinds of jazz, actually, and chill stuff like this is no exception. Especially dig the muted trumpet - now that's a thing I don't hear very often! The rest of performance, however, is no less amazing. Listened to this track about 15 times today, haha. Guess that's saying something ;) 

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This one is special -- I very rarely comment on remixes, but this one takes me to another time -- somewhere in the early 90s perhaps.  Beautiful chill jazz -- very classy feel.  Especially love the beginning, and even the name fits perfectly.  Thank you for this one -- some true talent here.

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