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Silly question: Can you store the browser on a memory card and just pop it in when you want to surf the web?

There is a block called "Internet channel" i suppose it's the browser.

Probably not, since it has to be in your Channels to access it (which would require you to copy it back over to the Wii).

In the worst case yup. i'll test that to see how that work.

EDIT: the file can't be copied. So it's a no go.

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Did they update the browser overnight? Some Youtube videos don't seem to work anymore, and flash sites just seem more buggy in general.

I was surprised to hear they worked to begin with. I DLed the browser an hour ago and not a single video would launch. Sad times.

(edit) Youtube works (again, I guess?) from the Wii. Google video also works.

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Well, I went to Dixons at 10:00 this morning, picked it up, then went to look around for some other stuff I wanted, and finally made my way home with my Wii, Zelda TP, Wii Play + remote, Nunchuk, AND Classic Controller. SCORE!

I've been playing around with the games and the channels all day since then and I FUCKING LOVE THIS THING. Period.

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I saw that the other day, the one with the Mario 64-esque star on it is absolutely hilarious.

In other news, I used the Wii browser for the second time today and, when trying to watch some youtube videos I'd successfully watched earlier on the Wii, was informed I didn't have the right version of Flash. This seems completely stupid given that I haven't changed any settings on the Wii or updated it or anything since I last used it - anyone else having this problem?

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To explain why I adore the Wii and really couldn't care less about criticism aimed at it, I kinda need to explain part of my 'gaming history'. This is kinda long, so I apologise in advance!

Having played, owned and loved both the NES and the SNES, I was suitably excited in 1997 when the N64 launched in the UK. Mario 64 was amazing - it was Mario in 3D! Then there was Goldeneye, which at the time was easily the best game I'd ever played. Surely my love for console gaming could never die!

And then the N64 flopped, I played Half Life for the first time, and I moved on to PC games and completely lost interest in console games. The PS2 failed to grab my attention, I had no interest in the X-Box, and I ended up getting a second-hand Gamecube several years after it launched for a measily £50, if only to play the two Metroid games and eventually Resi 4. Don't get me wrong, I loved my GC, but it just felt like an N64 with prettier graphics.

The reason I love PC games - specifically FPSs - is the control you get with a mouse and a keyboard, which I find far more immersive than anything I'd previously played on a console. Now I know you can all see where I'm obviously going with this, so I'll skip to the chase - when I saw the Wii controller at E3, I was instantly intruiged, perhaps even excited. Me, excited about a new games console? Surely not!

But there were doubts. Would there be games that could utilise the controller well? Could Nintendo genuinally create a system that allowed for so much fun that I would overlook the worryingly 'similar to current-gen' graphics? Most importantly of all, would the controller actually work?

The answer to the above three, for me anyway, is a resounding yes. I love the Wii - I find the controller to be astoundingly accurate whether I'm bowling, playing tennis, or simply navigating a menu screen. Everyone I've had round to play on it - whether they be people who thought the Wii looked stupid, girls who've never enjoyed playing video games, and even my parents - has had a great time with the console, so much so that several of them want to buy one now, my dad keeps asking me to play a round or two of tennis, and I've been requested to bring it over to a mate's house tonight. I frankly couldn't give two shits about the simplistic nature of the graphics, because when I play the Wii, I think 'this is ridiculously good fun' rather than 'why can't I play this at 1080p, and why doesn't everything look photo-realistic?'. Futhermore, I don't question why the Wii doesn't have a 60GB harddrive or blu-ray technology, because to seriously ask things like this both means a) you're actually preventing yourself having a really good time and B) you are an absolute tool. People should embrace innovation, not sneer at products that try and do things a little differently. The real lack of power for me is to chuck a harddrive I don't need, a lot of technology I don't want and some fancy graphics card into a console and call it new.

So, yeah, those are my thoughts on the Wii, and criticism aimed at it. I am fully prepared to be seen a raving Nintendo fanboy after this post, and that's fine for one simple reason - I've been completely dissinterested and dissatisfied with the console game industry for a good 10 years. Thanks for Nintendo, I now love it again.

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So I was playing Monkey Ball last night and I quit the game with the Home button. As soon as I get back to the wii channels menu, i realize the controller isnt working. every time i hit any button, all 4 blue lights just keep flashing.

I figured it was the batteries since I hadn't changed them yet, so I did that. Same results. I resync the controller , same results. I change the batteries again, same results, resync the controller again , same.

I have insurance on my console since I got a bundle from Toys R Us, but before I send it for repair I wanted to see if anyone is familiar with this problem, and if there might be something I'm missing.

Thanks in advance.

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