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Design Research: How do you use OC ReMix? [Personal Project]


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Hi there!

I'm a digital product designer (sometimes known as a UX/UI designer) and I'm currently doing a personal design challenge: redesign a website from scratch. I've chosen ocremix.org for this challenge as it has been close to my heart since I was little and I'm already familiar with the site and its mission.


I can't do this all on my own. Any decent design needs to be informed by its users and their needs. This is where you (yes, you) come into the picture. Below is a quick overview and then a few questions about how you use OC ReMix. Cool? Cool :)



What is this?

Redesign a website (ocremix.org in this case) with complete creative freedom, unrestricted by budget and technical constraints. This is a pure exercise of design.

How exactly?

  • Gather data on how and why users interact with the website and other potential channels.
  • Use this data to define a brief and/or list of goals to work against during the project.
  • Produce a set of mockups that provide a solution for the goals outlined in the brief.

Why though?

Learning about my own process as a designer to better understand my strengths and areas for improvement.



Please follow this link to answer the survey. No personal data will be collected and none of the questions can be used to identify you.

Go to the survey →

Thanks for your time! If there's interest, I can keep this thread updated with my progress.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with OverClocked ReMix in any way. Any outcome of this project is strictly personal and should not be viewed as representative of OCR.

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Hey guys! Sorry, it's not that it's closed, but I've maxed out on responses for the free plan of the survey service I'm using. If you're still keen on having your say, below are the questions. Feel free to reply to this thread or DM me your answers if you want them to be private :)

1. How often do you visit ocremix.org?
a. Regularly
b. Occasionally
c. Rarely

2. How would you describe yourself as a user on ocremix.org?
Choose as many as you want
a. Listener/Fan
b. ReMixer
c. Admin/Staff

3. What makes you visit ocremix.org?
Choose as many as you want
a. The music
b. The community
c. VGM related news and info

4. How often do you listen to music from OC ReMix?
a. Regularly
b. Occasionally
c. Rarely

5. How do you prefer to listen to music from OC ReMix?
a. ocremix.org
b. YouTube
c. SoundCloud
d. MP3 library
e. Other (please describe)

6. Why do you prefer this method?

7. Do you feel that the listening experience can be improved?
Optional question

8. Do you feel that the experience on ocremix.org can be improved?
Optional question

9. Is there anything that you wish OC ReMix offered as a service?
Optional question


Thanks for your interest, everybody! I've been using the many responses to inform a set of designs that I will soon share with you all to get some feedback. Stay tuned!

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S01E08 GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hey, it's me again!

I've fiinally wrapped up the project with a nice bow on top. It's hard to stop yourself from editing and editing into infinity. One day you just have to let go.

The entire project has been documented into a (slightly) interactive case study, made in a design tool called Figma. It's basically a fancy powerpoint pres, but I figured it got the point across better this way. In other words, you can scroll and click around, particularly when you get to the page designs. If you're unsure what you can click, just click anywhere and blue boxes will highlight the interactive areas. I've never delivered a project in this fashion before, so let me know if you thought it was worthwhile or pointless :D

There are 12 pages, all pretty densely packed with stuff, so make sure you stay hydrated if you plan to read the whole thing:

Open the case study

When you're finished, I'd love to hear your feedback!

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the survey and helped out in other ways!

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I'd like to share an experience that didn't happen at the time I took the survey... it may be a very rare use case, however.

I wanted to share a few specific songs from the Terranigma album with some friends. Off the top of my head, there was 2 ways to do this: Get them to download the torrent/mp3 album, or re-encode the mp3s I had to be under 8 megabytes so I could upload them to Discord chats. I didn't want to go through the hassle of re-encoding and uploading to each friend, or make a Discord group just to share them, and I didn't want to try to explain to different peole how to use torrents or how to get the right mp3 download--then waste their time and everyone's bandwidth when there was only 5 out of 30 or more that I was trying to show them.There's no individual download for the tracks on the album sites, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to share single Soundcloud tracks. I eventually found a way to get a link to the Soundcloud album (just on Soundcloud, not on OCR, so they wouldn't be confused about where the music list was), then listed the track names I wanted to show them, and hoped they would figure it out from there.

I tried just now to find the album link, and I can't! I don't even know how I did it last time! I can't even find a link to the album's page anymore, except if you scroll to the very bottom to Liontamer's post where its hidden in the middle, between a Youtube trailer and a torrent link.

Short version: It would be great if albums had their own Youtube uploads as well. I sort of get how only a few songs are chosen to be part of the OCRemix curated hoard... But if OCR is going to be hosting and advertising, isn't that already kind of a stamp of quality?

(And, as a very long time lurker, I just want to say thanks to everyone for all the music. When I was a kid with dialup, I'd download one song over an hour and listen to it on repeat the whole week. I rarely do that anymore, but those tracks from the Terranigma album have basically been given the same treatment.)


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