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PRC424 - Freedom Adventure (Turrican II)

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Big congrats to @Wassup Thunder; well-deserved, my man! Souperion mentioned Contra about your song--that was the other thing I couldn't put my finger on about it, in which it reminded me of, besides stuff like Starship Troopers. xD

Also, noticed a lot of mention about the samples I used in my track.

Yeah... ^^; I was really honing in on that sort of 1970s-80s old sci-fi / action TV show motif. The kinda long-winded (I suppose), majority use of dialogue comes from the entire opening of the 1973 - 1978 show called The Six Million Dollar Man: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Six_Million_Dollar_Man. Most people probably would recognize it more-so from the "waahaaananananana" noise that comes from the bionic stuff he does, which gets parodied a lot in media--like when someone who's uber strong or a cyborg does a punch or kick, and that ends up being the sound effect (ex: was used I think in Metal Gear Solid V when Big Boss uses his cyborg arm to punch people.) TBH I did, before the big cuts, have an idea to incorporate more action noises and sound effects like that into the song, but was worried it'd be "too much SFX"--and it kind of ended up being too much anyways with the dialogue present. xD I'm trying to perfect striking that sweet balance between vox and music, but I guess sometimes that mark gets missed, LOL.

And yes...yup...being the big goofy fan of all the '80s schlock that be, Wassup was right. I did use a RoboCop sample--when Murphy states the 3 (technically 4) main directives as part of his new programming from OCP: 1.) Serve the public trust; 2.) Protect the innocent; 3.) Uphold the law.

...I had to put that in there. Turrican reminded me too much of the look, premise and feel of RoboCop not to. Glad that some of the vox samples at least were entertaining though. >.<;

And yeah that was an extremely close round. Thought mine was a bit too on the nose, TBH, but I gladly wanted to commit fully to the synthwave / cyberpunk aesthetic, points be damned. Love the genre too much. xDDD

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Congratulation @Wassup Thunder As I wrote in the comments, that one was very enjoyable and it seems you didn't only meet my taste there! :D  But also again to all the others: congratulations on your remixes!

As I got into time trouble yet again, even after the 20 hour grace period, I hope the comments on the vote are helpful in one way or another. I just didn't finish them in time to proof read. :lol:

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