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Does anyone know a hot link where I can still download Septic Dreams from Children of the Monkey Machine? I missed that one the first time around, and Matt's stuff has always been pretty tight. At any rate, the link is dead, and Google only points to that link. Can anyone put it on Megaupload or something?

Seconded! After all the hype on the first few pages...

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Check out Lunar. Free and amazing experimental electronica, and he just released a new album.

Wow. His music is awesome, I just downloaded the whole album. Good stuff.

Well as of now we don't have much "free stuff" to offer, but for now....

Get your free download of the dance track "Feelings of Freedom" that placed top ten in the Techno/Club/Dance channel on Ourstage.

It was a honor competing with Zircon. :mrgreen:

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Band: Sepia Dreamer

Album: Portraits of Forgotten Memories

Genre: Progressive Instrumental Metal

Track List:

1. I. [inwards] Critical Gaze

2. II. “The Ancient Proverb”

3. III. “Iron In The Soul”

4. IV. “An Island In The Moon”

5. V. [Physick Portrait] The Anatomy Of Desire

6. VI. Panorama Of A Timeline

7. VII. “To Winter”

8. VIII. [Outwards] Escaping The Essence Of Eternity





Now I know this probably looks like some illegally uploaded album, but, although these two particular uploads were not done by either band member, they did upload this album themselves to P2P networks such as Limewire a few years ago, and recently they told some guy on their myspace page who was looking for the album to just download it from a filesharing network because it's out of print (see the last two comments at http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=8202464&blogID=345537000 for confirmation), so I'd say that counts as permission to download.


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Wow thanks guys!

Just so you know, Garian is now the Free Shit guy on ThaSauce, because I became overwhelmed by music :3 I will return with the Free Shit someday, but Garian's doing a good job so far:


Here's one newer release that I've really liked so far:


has very beautiful female vox

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