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OCR04383 - Terranigma "Ahh!! The Zombies Ate John Carpenter!"


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR04383 - Terranigma "Ahh!! The Zombies Ate John Carpenter!"

Oh, man, this song gave me chills when I first got to that point in the game. And that was in my adult life. Really nice job here on creating unease in an elegant way. Delicate elements dancing around the deep and dissonant, this thing doesn't let you lower your guard. Great work, HoboKa.

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it's alright.

i think this is my fav tune from terranigma. that's probably why i think this doesn't fully do it justice. i tried to remix it once and failed.

it has this kind of melody that i've never heard elsewhere, and that really grew on me after prolonged play.

it could make for a really legendary remix in my mind, one that would be near impossible to pull off. you'd have to get super lucky or/and be extremely skilled. that's my opinion.

so, good tune choice anyway, hoboka! sorry, but my expectations for this particular tune are sky high. :)



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Just had a listen, and from hearing some of HoBo's other works, this is certainly right up his alley. :) Got much better at building atmosphere, and it's just hitting all the right points of intrigue, peril and fear within the composition. It went from sounding like something from its source, to something from Zombies Ate My Neighbors (which I am guessing is the inspiration, judging by the title name.) Especially with the vocals towards the end. ♡

Love it. A worthy listen and just in time for Halloween too, so yeah. Congrats on getting (another?) breakthrough song, HoBoKa, and here's to more in your future. ?

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