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*NO* Child of Light "To the Sky and the Stars"


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Remixer name: Bluelighter (ID 21240); Bowlerhat  (ID 30366); Dewey Newt (https://ocremix.org/artist/18034/dewey-newt);Ian Martyn (ID 35158)

Real Name: Guillaume SAUMANDE; Jorik BERGMAN; Matthew MOORE; Ian MARTYN

Game & Songs: Child of Light & Aurora ;  Down to a Dusty Plain

Composer: Cœur de Pirate


  • Bluelighter : arrangement, mixing, piano 
  • Bowlerhat: flute 
  • Dewey Newt: trombone 
  • Ian Martyn: acoustic Guitar, acoustic bass, hand drum (bendir) 

Hi OCR! 

Here is an acoustic arrangement of Child of Light, with some rock sonorities. The whole game marked me by its dreamy atmosphere, with some sadness in the OST. I’ve tried to keep this spirit in my arrangement.

I’ve made a first attempt some years ago with piano solo. But I didn’t get sthg promising enough to advance. 

I’ve restarted later by playing some piano arpeggios, trying to imagine melody by other instruments in the same time (part 2). I only thought about flute and trombone at this step. I integrated other parts that I’ve yet thought with the piano version (parts 1 and 3). I yet wanted a culminant point at part 3. So I integrated guitar, bass and drum to make the rhythm.

I developed like this. And I conclude the arrangement, by a dreamy part similar to the intro.  

I’m grateful to all instrument players who have collaborated with me. They real helped me to get this mix as I wanted!  



  • Part 1 : 0’00 -> Dusty plains 0 – 0’20 
  • Part 2 : 0’50 -> Aurora 0 – 1’08 
  • Part 3 :  
    • A 1’37 -> Dusty plains 0 – 1’00 
    • B 2’00 -> Dusty plains 1’00 – 1’30 
  • Part 4 : 2’30 -> Aurora 0 – 1’08 
  • Part 5 : 2’40 -> Aurora 1’08 – 1’40 
  • Part 6 : 3’08 -> Aurora 0 – 1’08 



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Brass lead at :12 sounded too muffly, but I'll live. Good interplay with the woodwind at :28, followed by the arriving percussion at :39. The arrangement structure's conservative, but the performance is nicely personalized. Nice textural shift around 1:34; love the way the drumming and its timing lent movement and verve to the piece until 2:27 (and again at 2:39). Sweet finish at 3:09 as well, where the ending felt like it resolved and then resolved two more times with what felt like the final note or flourish. :-D Though I chuckled at the quasi-fakeouts, there was nothing wrong with it. Wonderful job by Bluelighter, Bowlerhat, Dewey & Ian in bringing this to life! Super easy call.


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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2023/06/25 - (1Y) Child of Light "To the Sky and the Stars"
  • 2 weeks later...

I really need to get around to playing this game at some point. What great music.

Beautiful music box-like opening. Trombone is a weird choice here and doesn't really fit the pastoral sound palette created by the other instruments. It's also often mixed quite quietly even though it carries the lead. Then at 1:35 the piano takes the lead and is also much too quiet. The bass is filling up the whole spectrum pretty much everywhere, and, other than the percussion, only the flute is mixed loudly enough to cut through, including when it's not the lead. Nope, I take that back; starting at about 2:09, the flute is pushed too far back as well.

I love this arrangement and the ensemble performance. But I think the mixing isn't doing this any favors. Kick that bass to the back and let the other instruments take turns being leads or accompaniment.

NO (please resubmit)

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  • MindWanderer changed the title to 2023/06/25 - (1Y/1N) Child of Light "To the Sky and the Stars"
  • 3 weeks later...

intro musicbox doesn't sound a ton like it's in the same room as the piano. the trombone is indeed a little quiet for the intro, as is everything that's not the guitar. what beautiful writing, though. some more percussion come in at 0:40, and again there's an element of the percs not feeling like they're in the same space as the other instruments, especially the shaker that's used.

some drumset comes in at 1:35 and the kick drum is just way loud compared to everything else. the piano and guitar take turns being more in the fore, which is nice, but in general the lead instruments are too quiet compared to the backing parts. what the drum is playing sounds stilted, too, there's not a lot of natural patterns going on back there.

there's a recap of the intro as an outro, and that's that.

this is a great arrangement in my opinion. the themes are combined and arranged beautifully and it sounds nice. the mix however is a mess, particularly from an EQing standpoint. there's a ton of sub-40hz content that's occupying the soundscape, and the drums overall are way too loud. some significant revolumization and EQing is needed to notch in the backing instruments so they settle next to each other without competing (the bass is especially egregious here). additionally, the entire track it sounds like there are instruments in totally different worlds. more attention to the room sound overall and application of reverb would be a very good choice.




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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2023/06/25 - (1Y/2N) Child of Light "To the Sky and the Stars"
  • 3 months later...

First off, beautiful source tunes! The music-box instrument is lifted straight from Aurora's Theme, and although the mixing of the live instruments isn't the best, I found myself becoming immersed in the folksy performances.

Sadly, as soon as the kick came in, my immersion was broken. The first hit of the kick sounds way out of time. You have this lovely, organic hand-drumming going on, and I find myself asking what the need for this unnatural-sounding extra percussion is? Particularly to introduce it on the off-beat as well, it's completely jarring. Add to that the kick has some crazy sub-bass content in it and it's easily enough to sink the track on its own.

The other parts are beautiful - I'd probably pass this if the sequenced percussion was removed - but they definitely would benefit from some better mixing to make them sound more cohesive. Hopefully you can tidy this one up a bit and send it back soon, as it deserves those finishing touches!

NO (resubmit)

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  • DarkSim changed the title to 2023/06/25 - (1Y/3N) Child of Light "To the Sky and the Stars"
  • Liontamer pinned this topic

(Listening for "first hit of the kick sounds way out of time") That first kick hit is on the "two and." It's not out of time, and does not sound out of time to me.  Interesting choice, adding some nice groove.

This isn't the greatest kick sample though, it is so low, adding mostly sub content to the soundscape and missing any kind of top end that would make it cut through better.  Other than that, I think the drum writing is fine.

I like this sweet little tune.  I do agree that the trombone doesn't make the best lead, perhaps the flute would have been preferable, with the trombone playing countermelody primarily, instead.  I like the piano/bell combo.  The arrangement of the two themes is really nice.

The mixing is not ideal, to be sure, but not dealbreaking to me.  If this does not pass as-is, I recommend replacing the kick with something that cuts through better, and make sure to EQ it so it isn't too sub-dominant.  The other Js have also made some very good observations and suggestions.  But for me, it works well enough as it stands now.


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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2023/06/25 - (2Y/3N) Child of Light "To the Sky and the Stars"

There's some really beautiful great stuff going on here! Sources are well chosen and blended, the soundscape is nice, and the arrangement is varied and fun.

However, you have some real problems going on in the drums overall as early as 30s. They're not blended, they're mostly center, they're right in your face, and they sound fairly low quality. I'm not sure if these were sampled or played and just mixed badly, but they're hurting the piece to the point where it brings it below the bar for me. And when the kick drum comes in at 1:36, it's muddy, bassy, and again, not well blended. It also sounds almost out of time a little bit? It doesn't fit in so many ways with the music. 

That being said I want to encourage you to fix this! The arrangement IS beautiful and the performances of the instruments are very nice and create such a great environment - but the drums here are the turd in the otherwise very tasty punch. 

You can do it! 


NO (resubmit)

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  • XPRTNovice changed the title to 2023/06/25 - (2Y/4N) Child of Light "To the Sky and the Stars"

Beautiful blend of acoustic instruments covering a lovely selection of source tunes to start off. Everything about this is nearly perfect, with the exception of the percussion, which just isn't working for me on any level. The drums are way too loud, not sequenced with a lot of humanization or variation, and the samples themselves are immersion breaking. If you could fix (or hell, even remove the percussion) this would be an easy pass!

NO (resubmit)

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