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Freeware VI: Wrath of Revenge

The Coop

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Much like the last Nice Work thread, the previous Freeware thread got the axe only a short week after being made. But, since Off Topic is here, it's time to avenge the premature death of "Freeware V", and continue. So let's get back to sharing those great freeware games and programs...

The Ur-Quan Masters

This little game, is basically Star Control II. Toys for Bob, who made SC II, released the source code for the 3DO version of the game, and a group of fans began working on porting it to the PC, since the PC versions' code had been lost. Right now, the game is basically complete. All the graphics, voice, music, sound effects and gameplay are intact. It's also huge at 300MB. But trust me, it's worth it. These guys did a great job of bringing an old classic back to life again.

Doom Absolution

This is a total conversion for Doom II. Basically, it's Doom 64 for the PC. These guys did one hell of a job bringing it over, right down to the last secret. The graphics, the sounds, the music, it's all right on the money. You do need to own the full version of Doom II to play it though (you need the WAD file).

Castlevania Quest and Dracula's Shadow

These are two homebrewed Castlevania games by Archimedes & Soleiyu. I kid you not when I say these games look and play like they were taken from some forgotten vault of Konami games. The graphics are straight out of the NES, and the gameplay is too. The music is actually a bit better than what the NES could do (some samples that were used are beyond the NES' capabilities), and each game is put together very professionally. If you loved the NES games, you need to get these.

Typhoon 2001

Remember Tempest 2000 for the Jaguar? Here's a "remake" of it, though the intent is to simply recapture what made that Jaguar game so fun. The trippy graphics and such all seem to be intact thus far, and thankfully, the author upped the difficulty over previous releases. So go grab it, and see what the handful of Jaguar owners got to enjoy.

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Never really played much of this game, but it's kinda interesting...



You like look for you UFO pieces and stuffs.

here is an image


first time going through knytt is definitely a challenge, but once you figure out where everything is (or if you find the few hidden areas), its actually fairly quick. what i love about the game, though, is nifflas' music and atmosphere engine, he definitely poured alot of himself into it. (also he's a really cool guy to talk to!) i'm looking forward to his next game :)

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Open Office

Microsoft Word costs a nice chunk of change to use, doesn't it? That's a lot of cash to fork out to be able to type up your paper for college, or whatever else you'd do. But there's hope. Open Office is a freeware program that gives you many features... too many to try and list. But if you need a free, "fully-featured office suite", here ya go. It's quite good.

It's available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, and a few others OSes. Be warned though, it's pretty big at 93MB to 121MB (depending on the one you need).

The Elder Scrolls: Arena

Here's a nifty bit of old gaming. Bethesda made their old DOS game freely available on their website. Since it's a DOS game, running it on modern systems it pretty tough. So unless you have an old version of DOS on your PC, you'll need this next bit of freeware...


So, how many remember those classic PC games of old? Wing Commander, Doom, the many Dungeons & Dragons games... stuff that not all got to play, but a good number may remember. Well, here's a chance to play them again.

DOSBox is a DOS emulator. By that I mean, it creates a DOS environment for running older programs that require a DOS environment. It's a quite good, and depending on your PC, can run some of the more demanding DOS games well.

For a little help on how to get DOSBox set up, head over here for a guide I put together.

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Open Office

Microsoft Word costs a nice chunk of change to use, doesn't it? That's a lot of cash to fork out to be able to type up your paper for college, or whatever else you'd do. But there's hope. Open Office is a freeware program that gives you many features... too many to try and list. But if you need a free, "fully-featured office suite", here ya go. It's quite good.

It's available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, and a few others OSes. Be warned though, it's pretty big at 93MB to 121MB (depending on the one you need).

140 MB for me, but it beats having to buy another copy of MS Office for me (I'm on a Macbook now).

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Hrm...well, here is what comes to mind.

First off, there is the Battle for Wesnoth, which just recently got updated to version v1.2.1. Judging from the screenshots, it is an turn-based strategy game in a fantasy anime setting. Might be worth checking out some time.


Now for a game I have played and enjoyed: The New Satan Sam, which is a 2D platformer game. Developed by the guy who made Titan Omega Revelations, which is an fairly good side-scrolling Shoot'em up. All in all, both games play quite nicely and feel fairly professional when everything is considered. With time, the developer of those games might make the next Cave Story someday, I hope.


Next up is an roguelike game that is in development, Gearhead 2. Based upon the premise of being basically a mecha oriented anime roguelike, the Gearhead series of games are fairly decent. However, the second iteration is still far from being completed, but it seems to hold much potential for making the gameplay better when compared to the original Gearhead.


Moving on, it is the Doomsday engine, which is apparantly an engine that expands upon the features and engines of Doom, Heretic, and Hexen. I am not sure how good this remade engine is, though it seems promising.


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clickbeat.... or is it beatclick?! tracker musicians aymes and surasshu have been working on this for a while (i just found out about it a week ago). someone on the forums already mentioned ocremixes!


basically its a beaty clicky game you only need a mouse with a left click for, circles will pop up with a target spinning, once it levels out you click on the circle! the scripting is fairly simple, but tedious enough. i think its fun, but we should get more scripts from the communities around!

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How many remember the Turrican series? Better still, how many remember playing them on an actual Amiga? Well, here's your chance to relive a little bit of that. T2002 is, in essence, a remake of Turrican II. Using graphics and music straight from the Amiga and PC versions (with permission too), this game basically makes Turrican II playable on today's computers. What little I remember of the second Turrican game, this game seems like a very faithful recreation. It also features a few tweaks here and there.

Very good stuff.

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Engage in Jabberwock

Here's a funky little game that just went freeware by its author. Imagine "Zelda", a shmup, a little RPGing, and a large breasted character to use these traits in a series of battles, and you're getting an understanding of this little game. You work your way through various dungeons, battling various types of pumpkin-like enemies, and other assorted mechanical beasts, and you try and work your way to the boss. Along the way, you get health, some items to use, and different attacks as well. There are also very simple puzzles to be solved to get further into each area (basically, big spheres to shoot and flip over).

There's not a lot of reading, so that's not an issue. The game's mostly action with its blasting and dodging, so there's little Japanese to worry about. It's gotten some good feedback over the years, so you just may have some fun with it.

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Stargem already mentioned it, but I have to reiterate:

Battle for Wesnoth

Available for Mac, Windows and Linux, Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game somewhat like Fire Emblem meets Ogre Battle meets Warsong. It's easy to learn, but is challenging and doesn't baby you like most commercial games do these days.

Additionally, it's open-source under the GPL and has an easy to learn but powerful scripting language for building your own scenarios. Due to those two points, the amount of quality mod content is staggering.

I've been playing it since 2004 and it just keeps getting better. I can't recommend it enough!

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There is another game I found that I think everyone who likes Zelda and Symphony of the Night should play. La-Mulana is basically set in the ruins of an ancient civilization, which is of course filled with death traps and puzzles. It does this very well and has distinct graphical style. The music is good in my opinion, and fortunately for American audiences there is an English patch for the game. However, I recommend playing with an gamepad, and an keyboard is required. Be sure to read the manual.

Below are screenshots of the game, plus links.





Game & Translation Patch


MP3 Archive of in-game music


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Here ya go. Have fun.

DISCLAIMER: I haven't validated that all of these links work, or that the games included are any good, or that the websites are safe (aka no spyware/malware), or that all of the links are games. In fact, I make no claims whatsoever about anything included in this post.

Abuse SDL




akuji english translation

Blip and Blop

Kenta Cho's

ABA games

Beneath a Steel Sky

mono Afterburner 3D

Albatross 18


Abandonia Reloaded



Ancient Domains of Mystery

Angband (and variants)



blazing trails

Battle for Wesnoth


5 Days a Stranger

7 Days a Skeptic

Ben Jordan 1-5

BogoZone - Lyle in Cube Sector

Bytonic Software

Castlevania: the Legacy

=-Cave Story-=

Cerulean Studios: Creators of Trillian and Trillian Pro Instant Messengers


Classic Doom for Doom 3 - Home

Crimsonland official website

Cube SourceForge Web Page


DeliPlayer Homepage

Die Slave - MegaGames freegames

Doom Depot - Doom 64 TC - Download

Download Beneath a Steel Sky @ Abandonia Reloaded

Download White Chamber, The @ Abandonia Reloaded

Dragon Wars

Embodiement of Scarlet Devil - MegaGames freegames

Every Extend - Reviews and free downloads at Download.com

F-1 Spirit Remake

Furcadia - Let your imagination soar!

GameHippo.com : ACTION

Games by Ville Mönkkönen

GameStone - Gradius Home World - Downloads

GearHead - Mechanical Fantasy Construction Kit


Ghosts 'n' Goblins

GunZ The Duel: International Edition



Home of the Underdogs - Entry: Humans 1, The

Home of the Underdogs - Entry: Schiffbruch

HT's Web Page




Imphenzia Games

Infamous Adventures



Junkman Games


Latest ZDoom News

Laxius Power Games

Lemma Soft

Little Fighter 2 Official Website


Main Page - www.digipen.edu

Mark Sachs's Game Programming Portfolio

Mechanical Valkyrja G-cube

N : Puzzle-Platformer with Physics and Style

Namikaze Project - Idinaloq

Narbacular Drop

NAVYFIELD Community Site

News - EDuke32

News - Gaim

News - Wing Commander - Privateer Gemini Gold


NZ Lab

Orbiter - A free space flight simulator

PC shooters database

Pekaro Software

Penumbra - Reviews and free downloads at Download.com

Project: Starfighter

Random Thoughts ~ Home

Red Alert: Archive - The best place for all your Red Alert needs.



Rumble Box

Scorched 3D - A 3D Remake Of Scorched Earth

Scramble - downloads


Straβe Neun [ GUN ARMS ]

Studio Trophis - News

SubSpaceDownloads.com - Free Online Multiplayer Action Game

Super Mario War

Super Mario XP - MegaGames freegames

Sysinternals Freeware - Process Explorer


T4 Funeral Homepage

The Daily Click

The Elder Scrolls

The GLtron Homepage

The Sect of Homokaasu - The Rasterbator

The Spirit Engine - Official Site

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And, continued:

The Trilogy Release

The Ur-Quan Masters - News


Vacant Ark(Windows95/98/Me/ゲーム)

VLC media player - Overview

War§ow - A Fast Paced First Person Shooter Game

Welcome to Albatross18

Welcome to Cloud

Werkema.com: Software: SpaceMonger

WhosYourDaddy ~ Gaming Resource Center

Windows Downloads

Wing Commander CIC

Wing Commander CIC Files

WinSite: TRIUMPH! WAR 2099

xu4 - Ultima IV

Zauron's Lair


ダウンロード -EndEffector-

Thangorodrim - The Angband Page

ToME: Troubles of Middle Earth

Eternal Daughter

PC Guitar Hero Clone



Rubicon X


Plasma Pong

Hero Online Client

Freeciv - Freeciv

C-evo, Empire Building Game

Owen Piette's wxSand

Welcome to Flow in Games


The official Soldat home page

And some inclusive lists:

XP Games

101 Free Games: The Best Free Games on the Web from 1UP.com

102 Free Games from 1UP.com

Free Lunch Design - Free Downloadable Games For Your PC


Concise Freeware - Best Freeware, Firefox Extensions, Online Services & Special Sites Top Drawer Downloads - MediaBlab.com - Software Downloads

My Blitz Creations



Download Free Software List

Dismount™ Games

Freeloader: Free Games on the Web from 1UP.com

reloaded Shoot the core!

FOGDB Download Free Software List

Freeware List

Essential Free Software


Download Freeware List

Gratis gaming

Freeware Home

Vector GAMES

If anybody can actually sift through all that, I'll be amazed. It should be enough to keep you busy, anyway.

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Giving this a bump after nearly a month.

Battle Chess

Now now, I know what some of you are thinking... "HEY! THAT'S STILL COPYRIGHTED!"

Well, yes and no. The Windows version which everyone is more familiar with is still illegal to download. But this here DOS version isn't. Why? Because Interplay released it as freeware. Yes, it's the original version. It's not as colorful as the Windows version, and it doesn't have as many sound effects. But it is still the chess game where the pieces fight, the animations are still intact, and while the walking noises are gone, the battle effects are all still there.

So if you wanna play a game of chess that's a little different, and you haven't taken on a "Fewer colors?! BLEH!" mentality, give it whirl.

Note- You'll either need DOSBox to run it, or the program VDMSound. Just hit "Enter" three times after you start the game, and then hold down the right mouse button to be able to change the difficulty settings and whatnot.

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