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When the sequel was better.


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i've been relatively disappointed with a lot of sequels:

Halo 2

all the DDR's

Star Wars (even though they are PREquels)



Zeldas for gameboys

the Bourne tilogy

Mission Impossible 2&3

most Disney sequels

but some i have found extremely well done:

City Slickers 2

the Terminator trilogy

original Star Wars

Harry Potter

Mario 3&World

DKC 2&3

3D Zeldas


Soul Calibur 2&3

the Wii

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DKC 2&3

Get off my forum.


the Wii

Hmm, do consoles count as 'sequels'? Personally I don't see the Wii as a 'sequel' to the GameCube, nor is the DS a sequel to the GBA.

Also, imo it's yet to truly prove itself. Needs to be out for about 12 months, get some really good games released, hardware pushed harder, etc.

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DKC2 is probably the best platformer I ever played, ever. Even more so than any Mario game ever. Challenging, with lots of things to collect, lot of fast paced techniques, ridiculously great music, visuals that doesn't age, etc etc. Not to mention some of the most memorable level design in any game. Just ingenious.

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the Terminator trilogy

The second one was really great, but the third one pretty much threw the plot from the first two movies out the window; while it had a decent action scene or two, it was a really long, boring movie overall.

"But Mr. Arnold, didn't we stop Judgement Day from happening by destroying that lab and--"

"Judgement Day is unavoidable; there's nothing you can do to stop it!!!1"

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They still make lots of good ones. Jedi Knight and KOTOR are 2 of my favorite series (been waiting like 4 years now for another Jedi Knight).

I agree on the Jedi Knight Series

Dark Forces < Jedi Knight < Jedi Outcase (JK2) - which had great online competitive play.

Then Jedi Academy came out which was basically a graphics upgrade (with a few new moves) to JK2 and should've been an add-on IMO. It even had some of the same bugs in the gameplay from it's predicessor. I don't consider it an improvement. Haven't heard if they'll ever make a new game in the Jedi Knight series either...

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The Zelda series as a whole. I don't care what anyone says, each one continually claims my all time favorite Zelda game. I loved Wind Waker more than OoT, but I guess I owe it to the fact that I was like, one out of the five people in the universe who absolutely adored the Great Sea. I found sailing to be epic and awesome. Shut up. I liked it.

Then came Twilight Princess and stole that away from me and made Zelda even more awesome. And although it was close, Wind Waker still holds my favorite boss battle (and boss battle finisher) of all time for any game. Though for actual ending, the original Kingom Hearts still wins there. But KH2 is definitely better than the first for me.

Here are my sequels that do beat their predecessors:

Zelda > Zelda before it.

Kingdom Hearts 2 > Kingdom Hearts

Resident Evil 4 > Resident Evil (Remake, 0 and 3) Though I disagree with everyone about the tank controls being bad. I love those controls in the old REs, the ACTION is what made RE4 better, not the controls. Again, shut up. (I said shut up!)

Pikmin 2 > Pikmin

Final Fantasy XI and XII > X and X-2, but not IX. Though none of them best 2/3 (American 2/3. I don't give a shit what the real numbers are, the first Japanese 3 were boring as hell anyway.)

Super Smash Bros. Melee > Super Smash Bros.

Super Mario 64 > Super Mario World

Super Mario Sunshine > Super Mario 64 (Once again, shut up! I thought Sunshine did everything right and loved F.L.U.D.D. Jetpack > All.)

Girls Gone Wild: Slutty Prom Whores > Girls Gone Wild: Slutty Whore Migets

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Lufia2 and Zone of Enders 2 are prob the best sequels(Lufia2 is obviously a prequel) in terms of improving 100% on every aspect of the game.

I def agree with Cerrax about Vampire Hunter D.

End of Evangelion > The ending for the TV series (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Suikoden 5 > Suikoden 4

Ogre Battle 64 > Ogre Battle

Also Reason 3.0 is def better than 2.5...:) I can't believe everyone forgot about all the music software!

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Dragon Warrior 2 was much better than Dragon Warrior.

Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 were better than Dragon Warrior 2.

Dragon Quest 6 was better than Dragon Quest 5.

Also, Shadow Hearts: Covenant IS much better than Shadow Hearts. Haven't finished the first, have finished the second, so that speaks volumes for me.

Tecmo Super Bowl was better than Tecmo Bowl.

Mega Man 2 was better than Mega Man. It was NOT, in my opinion, bested by 3. My favorites in that series were 2 and 5. There's almost a trilogy aspect going there, with the pre- and post-charge shot era of the original NES games. The second in those sets were the best to me.

Thanks to whoever said Link's Awakening beat Link to the Past!

Star Ocean 2 was better than Star Ocean.

Lufia 2, heck yeah! WAAAAAY better than the first.

Breath of Fire 4 was better than BOF3.

Castlevania 2 was better than Castlevania.

Dawn of Sorrow was better than Aria of Sorrow.

Dodanpachi was better than Donpachi.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 was better than CvS.

Ditto for MvC2.

I'm sure there's some good ones I'm leaving out, and some of these have probably already been mentioned.

Sarge out.

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Also, Shadow Hearts: Covenant IS much better than Shadow Hearts. Haven't finished the first, have finished the second, so that speaks volumes for me.

Sarge out.

Yeah, man.

Shadow Hearts: meh

Covenant: Hooray!

From the New World: Woohoo!

Judge those last two responses however you will.

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