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Podcast Recommendations Please


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Hey folks,

with the unfortunate permanent hiatus of the beloved VGDJ podcast, I find myself lacking in the number of tasty vittles for my aural and visual receptors. I'm looking for recommendations for podcasts with a consistent quality of production value and content. Any such podcasts concerning those things that a member of this here website might be concerned with, such as: video games, music, anime, assorted geekery, etc.

As for what I've got right now funneling into my computer and subsequently into my brain via my ears and eyes for the time being follows as such:

1UP Yours!


EGM Live*

The 1UP Show

Magic The Gathering Official Podcast

Ask a Ninja

The show with zefrank

So I'm open to recommendations. Heck, maybe other folks will find something for themselves as well.

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Hey, if you're a fan of Short Fiction, I would suggest Escape pod (www.Escapepod.org). They do mainly Fantasy and Science fiction stories that they narrate on air. They have a pretty consistent audio quality, but it sometimes changes because they have guest narrators.

Also, their horror podcast www.Pseudopod.org is the same thing, only horror stories. Great two podcasts.

Most of the files are between 20 and 50 minutes long, so find some time to devote to it, but they are really good.

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Dude, you need to listen to Gamespot's Hotspot and IGN's game scoop. They're both really informative and have hilarious and well done commentary.

I personally find that a lot of 1up yours podcast turn in to baby whining. I still listen to it anyway though, just 'cause I love me some VG podcasts.

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All the ones i listen to have already been mentioned. 1up Yours! and IGN gamescoop are the 2 i look forward to all week. TWiT (this week in tech) i enjoy also, but mostly for my Leo nostalgia. I miss call for help, does it still broadcast somewhere? I also watch Diggnation, which is a video cast but i think there's an audio feed also, you wouldn't miss much of anything by just listening to it, except sometimes they show youtube videos on the stories they are talking about.

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It a good site with geek news and most episode are over an hour long


This site has a podcast about various geek stuff too


This has the sonic boom podcast.


the vintage gamer talks about older games and more obscure ones too.


This site has the podcast called the side scrollers, it also has a lot of other content such as shows; captain s, gamejew, angry video game nerd.

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