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How many songs do you have on your mp3 player?


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I don't have an iPod or similar. I don't want moving parts (hard drive) in an mp3 player, so I go with flash. I have 2 flash-based devices with mp3 playing capabilities (cell phone - LG VX8600, and homebrew-capable Nintendo DS) both of which use microSD.

So I have about 1 gig worth for those.

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Yeah I made the same mistake I while back by showing the collection total, but my 2gb iPod ( I want a new one :( ) has 272 songs and its full. Most of the songs are 7+ mins long

and 75% of the music is trance, electronic and dance, then 20% is OCREmix and the other 5% is Rock :P, I just cant remove it the songs are too good :D

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I think I have somewhere around 200+ songs on mine. It's a 1 gig Creative Zen Nano Plus, so it can't hold an uber-godly amount, but it gets the job done since I can just convert 'em to .wma.

I think I have close to 6 gigs of music, and that's about it. I listen to each and every track though, and I can listen to the same song over and over without ever getting tired of it.

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