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How many songs do you have on your mp3 player?


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I have two 4 gig players (a mini and a nano) and one 1 gig player (a new shuffle) so my playlists are relatively small. But being limited to 1000-1200 songs keeps my iPods fresh. I have about 50 gigs of tunes or so on my computer, but I only put my favorites or current albums on my iPods. It always seems like a good song is coming on and I rarely skip tracks. Each iPod has a slightly different feel since I use my mini as a car stereo, the nano as a general purpose iPod, and the shuffle for snowboarding/exercising. On the two 4 gig players I have generally the same playlist set up: one list with everything, one with hard/loud music, one with generally listenable music with most of the hard/fast stuff cut out, a playlist of current favorites and recently added songs, one list of more relaxing music, and one of just hip hop. The shuffle is mostly high energy songs that go well with snowboarding like punk and hardcore.

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