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Command & Conquer 3


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Man, Gecko, I have no clue what you are talking about... C&C3 is great; not RA2 great, but great, nonetheless. I haven't gotten ahold of the Scrin yet, as I'm still on the GDI missions, but so far, the units seem well balanced and they all have uses; sure, once you get the mammoths, you're pretty much done, but you still need Pitbulls to detect stealth units that can attach bombs and such, so not all units are useless late-game.

I wish that A) they would have kept but re-worked some of the TS era units (where the crap did the Wolverines go? they reworked the Titans, why not the Wolves?) for continuity's sake, and that B) the air battles would be a little more diversified. Having to pay for individual airdrops instead of being able to make dedicated air transport is not only annoying, but gets REALLY costly.

Really, the only FMV complaint I have so far is Jennifer Morrison's work; don't get me wrong, she is hot and is dedicated to her character, but it seems a little forced. I would expect a little more playfulness out of my EVA-type intelligence officers, but she comes across as way too much of a hard-ass. Micheal Ironside has that side covered.

Really, I haven't paid much attention to the music that much, so I can't say if it sucks or not (the AI is a much more pressing concern...). I figured it wouldn't be as memorable as TS or RA/2's tunes, though. Those were some good soundtracks.

--Jack Kieser

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Holy shit this game is awesome. I'm only on the second GDI mission in Egypt (with the port you have to destroy), but everything about this game is classic C&C. I have yet to try out the online, but I'm suspecting that I'll get my ass kicked more than a few times.

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Regarding the lameass music, has anyone found out a way to take the dynamic music off and allow people to put their own mp3s in it?

As in, Frank Klepacki music.

I think you're going to have to wait for that SDK thing to come out. Not exactly sure what it is, but I know it allows you to mod it somehow.

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