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Command & Conquer 3


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There are a few visible 'Red Alert 2' inspired moments - one being the different groupings for constructing stuff in the sidebar. Managing more than one build queue is however, quite awkward at the moment, though I suspect that is probably due to me not knowing how to manage hotkeys on the demo...

Gameplay is generally as fast as they claim, with most units not lasting long enough to make a serious impression. Mammoth Tank could really do with being toned down as it's exceptionally deadly, and it does build a tad too fast for something that dangerous... Try it, you'll agree ;)

Building placement needs revising IMO, it's a bit hard to tell where you can and can't put your buildings due to it's new 3Dism. The 3D isn't a bad thing, it just needs to be a bit simpler or clearer so you don't spend 5 minutes working out where you can drop a building while the enemy bombs your base.

To be honest, the technological jump-back isn't too noticable in the storyline. I can say that I do not see this game becoming a PC classic, it feels too average at the moment. Think 'Emperor: Battle For Dune' but with CnC. However, it does have gameplay features which will at least guarantee it a good playing from me. All in all, it's a 'wait and see' case still, but the storyline is at least shaping up to be something special :)

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Oh my God... this demo, quite frankly, is amazing. I just got finished playing through both the tutorial and the (rather limited) GDI Prologue, and I must say, it is looking like it will be one of the finest RTS' in a long time.

It's very refreshing that EA has taken us back with the return of FMV cutscenes and story sections, and it is only amplified by the marvelous job they have done thus far; giving us such quality cutscenes and such a well thought-out story (even if it is small) for a lowly demo is quite the job well done. It looks, even from here, that the cast is set to do an amazing job.

The redesigned HUD looks amazing, as I would expect. I'm really loving some of the commands and buttons that they have implemented this time around; being able to look at the specific number of each type of unit currently selected is a great help when building tactical squads. I wasn't really expecting unit buildings to be separate al-la Generals, but the more I play it, the less I miss the shared "primary building" style of the older games. It threw me off a little to be left-selecting / right-commanding in a C&C game, but it's something I can get used to.

And, of course, the game looks beautiful. I got a little slowdown on the higher settings (my computer has overkill power on it, so it was definitely not a lack of tech), but I'm sure that was getting hammered out for the final release. The laser effects are really impressive, especially the ION Cannon strike (personally, my favorite strike was in Renegade, but this blast comes damn near close to the epic look of RG's Cannon).

Altogether, a very well put together demo, one that makes me quite excited for C&C 3's March release.

--Jack Kieser

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An easter egg has been found. In the skirmish menu' date=' open the faction bar, highlight Nod, hold down N and click. Voila, you can now play as Nod. The same works procedure works if you want to play against GDI, just hold down G.[/quote']

S seems to work for Scrin, too. Wonder if this is an easter egg or a bug.

Edit: Well, Scrin works for about two seconds. Then the game realizes you have no units or buildings and you lose. Definetly seems like a bug to me.

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I was hoping for that mouse patch, gg.

It's overall pretty good. It's like Generals, but with the little things I found very annoying in it (multiple superweapons, worker units) taken out from it and infused with C&C classic goodness.

The FMVs are very good and I get all giddy getting a good job commander from Jennifer Morrison.

The new nod units are very cool and so are their new abilities. It looks like they've made Nod and GDI a bit more different this time around so they'd have different fighting styles against the Scrin. I'm also wary of them, I don't know if they'll be good or overpowered...

Yes, the mammoth feels VERY strong, much better then the Avatar.

Some of my favorite new additions are the Generals or CoH-like bonus powers like the bombings and special missiles and the multiple building queues. Also that support unit is pretty damn cool, no more building MCVs to expand Tiberium collecting. It works wonders with multi-queuing since you can stack 3 turrets, 1 power plant, barracks, tib refinery and tank defenses so when the support deploys you can place them instantly and have a decent new base in less then 5 seconds.

Shaping up to be a great entry in the series and the C&C fix we all need.

How's the music? I hear Steve Jablonsky composed it, so I expect good things.

It's not bad, but it's ages from Klepacki's stuff from what I've heard so far. I really, REALLY hope we can get custom mp3s in this thing, since it's pretty lackluster.

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